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Matchmaking still wrong!

PvP still sucks worse than ever! I’ve won 3 in my last 20 matches! I’ve not faced any opponent that is my lvl or lower!! They are all 3-4 lvls higher with each of their dinos having 2000+ damage! And all their speeds are ridiculous! How the hell are you supposed to compete against that! Why don’t I get to face lower lvl opponents? Why haven’t my stuns worked for about a week. And I’m not even going into the evade nonsense! Also I literally know what Dino I’m coming up against every time I pick my first one…it’s always against the one dino that’s made to counter and destroy the one I choose…every time! I’m losing 3-1 or 3-0 pretty much every time now. And when I do have a win in the bag…yup the game times out and gives away my victory. This game has never really been very good. I’ve tried to stick it out but it always sucks. Here’s a pic of me getting one shot killed…which is super super common now

Probably the same reason a lot of players face this kind of situation.Your Thors and Dracoceratops are few lvl highers than your average team.For a long time all of yοu depended too much on those two.The matchmaking was helping you to face teams around your level and progress to arenas that belonged to higher level players.Now that the matchmaking changed you face everyone around you and the players with high level teams that rising from below you.

Wait for a week to everything settle as should be and you will find your spot and start rising again.


This right here.

Nope my draco is lvl 22…Thor is my highest at 26 yet his stats still aren’t the highest! I’d understand if I had a few OP dinos! Going up against a lvl 28 procera with nearly 6000hp and 2400 damage. It’s always a one shot kill.

I hate to tell you this, but your team average is probably too low for the upper Aviary (based on your screenshot, the average of your 4 dinos is < 24). In comparision, my team - which was stuck in the lower to mid-Aviary prior to the most recent change to mm - averages 27.4, most of which are boosted to tier 6. Until we all do enough battles, which will allow higher level teams to move to higher arenas (leagues), we will collide in the Aviary.

P.S. I have done a lot more battles since mm was changed and can confirm it is much improved. I’m now close to 5,200 trophies and finally able to advance again.


His team should be ok for what im still experiencing in high avairy. And i was climbing today… if any of his team is a problem its his 26 thor…avairy still considers team strength and that thor can be the difference between him being match up with some thats run 25-28 dinos or someone running 22-24 dinos and i played both at 4800 today.

South of 5k its still safer not to level your highest until your lowest can compete with that level.

Im sitting on 4k sino… but im donating my tarbo atm… atleast until i can level a few more dinos


Wait what, they changed MM…when? I must have been sleeping XD


Yes… and it’s amazing. No more team strength > 5K… I’m up 500+ trophies since then (a week ago).


With my avg lvl 20.5 I’ve dropped from 4.8k +/-100 rating to 4.7k +/- 100… Still facing opponents with avg lvl of +3 lvls or more. But it doesn’t matter. Sometimes skill but more often luck helps me stay in mid aviary

Upper aviary isn’t really level 20 team area. This was the issue with matchmaking, you could theoretically get a high ranking with lower leveled teams.


I’ve been doing some testing and matchmaking is 100% using team strength as the largest weighting of who you fight at over 5k. I field a team of 21-25 dinosaurs and I face mid to low aviary players. I field a team of 28-30 and I play top 200 players. The trophy distribution on the other hand appears to disregard team strength for the most part. Lose 40 against a mid aviary person and lose 30 to a top 200 player.

Something in my gut tells me this system is “hackable”; having team making a difference to who you play but not what prize you get. But we’ll see.

They’ve said that MM now is 75% trophies 25% team strength and it looks like that is the case. Surely it’s not 100% team strength and here is why.
From what I’ve seen on this forum in Aviary there are some players like me that have a team with dinos lvl around lower twenties and there are people with avg lvl 27. Second ones I’ve seen only on this forum and not in game. What I get in game are teams with avg lvl +3 than mine but I’ve never seen a team full of lvl 26-27. After recent change to MM I sometimes get opponent with one or two lvl 28-29 dinos which obviously are a guaranteed loss, but never full team of such. Before change to MM I sometimes got opponents with one or two lvl 26 and that is this change from 50/50 to 75/25. Dino lvl spread is higher yet still my opponents are chosen from among those around my throphies count.
If it was 100% throphies based MM I would get all sort of opponents - including those with full teams couple lvl higher than mine which like I said - I’ve seen on this forum being around 4.8k where I’m currently at.
Also 100% throphies based MM would sort out players much faster if at all. And with 75/25 I think it will take much more time to do so… if ever that will be possible. So I guess still it will be a case when lowering your team avg lvl will allow you to “hack” the system

You can’t look at your opponent’s trophy count because all you see is their high score for the last month.

I saw in another post it was mentioned that thor and the sewer rat play a large part on matchmaking and scoring. I suppose it’s possible that ludia could have them tagged to make it harder when they are used in the team. So I took mine off the team and replaced them with an average unique.

First match I went against someone with 100 trophies above me and I won and got 34 trophies for it. The second match was against one 400 trophies above me and I lost and went down 24 trophies. Just did a match and won against someone 200 trophies above me and gained 39 trophies.

Now I know the trophy count we see isn’t reflective of their actual count, but prior to removing thor and rat the win lose ratio was out of whack at least for me. What I just played was on track to how it should be.

I know some want to outfit me with a new foil hat but I thought I’d share what I had so far. Maybe someone else could try it also and see if its accurate.

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I hadn’t read the thread suggesting that Thor and the Rat influenced matchmaking (I haven’t used the Rat in a while) but have just came to that conclusion independently. Before 1.9 I replaced L29 Indoraptor with L24 (now L25) Maxima and cemented my place in Lockwood Library (5000 - 5300); tried putting Indo back post 1.9 but didn’t like it - then last night replaced L29 Thor with L29 Indo … result, have only lost one match and:

Can’t remember the last time I unlocked a new arena :heart_eyes:


Congrats! Well deserved. :tada:

After this change to 100% trophy-based mm > 5K I finally have hope to get there as well (almost up to 5,300 now after being stuck in mid-Aviary with my > 27 avg team).


Thing is I have been 5000+ for a while (albeit fleetingly sometimes) and its only now I have taken Thor off I reached Gyro. Probably go crashing down to Aviary tomorrow :rofl:

The mm up to Aviary is now 33% team strength and 67% trophies (this is from their announcement about changes to mm), not 25/75, but still a great improvement over 50/50.

The reason you never saw the > 27 teams - like mine - that were stuck in the Aviary is that the “team strength” formula kept you safe from much higher level teams (you were never matched with them). This allowed you to advance without having to fight us in the same trophy range.


Personally I don’t think it has anything to do with taking Thora off, it’s all trophy based as far as I can tell.

But you were long overdue making it > 5.5K!


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We shall see :slight_smile: Frightened to battle now - I like the new scenery …