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Matchmaking System Suggestions/Observations

Honestly, I really like the idea of a more equal matchmaking system based off of team composition and levels. I had this idea back when the game first launched, but never figured it would happen. :stuck_out_tongue:

That being said, I’ve noticed a few issues with how it’s currently implemented. First and foremost, people are somewhat abusing how it averages team composition. For example, I’ve come across teams where they have one or two completely indomitable dinosaurs, and the others are all only moderately/low leveled, common/rare dinosaurs. At first I couldn’t figure out why there were people doing this until I realized it was for easy matches.

The second thing I’ve noticed is that overall, the algorithm seems as though it needs tuned a bit. For example, I have a team of all around level 20 legendary dinosaurs, with each dinosaur pretty much having one state boost in each category. I’ve been matched up with all unique teams of level 23-25 dinosaurs. I feel like this wasn’t intentional. Likewise, the algorithm doesn’t seem to take in levels of boosts, just number. I believe that a level 10 boost should increase the matching “score” more than three level ones. I’ve come across players with maxed attack boosts on single, fast dinosaurs, pretty much making it impossible for me to beat them with my evenly distributed team.

A third thing I’ve noticed is that there are teams of level ~30 rare dinosaurs with what had to have been max boosts being regularly matched with my team of level 20, barely boosted legendaries. Despite the rarity difference, the difference in stats just can’t be overcome.

Overall, I’m happy a system like this is envisioned, but it really needs some tweaking. Rarities should be incorporated more, boosts need to impact matching more based on level and not number, and there needs to be some way to recognize when people are gaming the system to match with lower ranked players and create un-winnable matches.