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Matchmaking Team Question

So I removed my lvl 29 thor from my lineup as the rest of my team is between lvl 23 and lvl 25 and was getting tired of getting beat by lvl 29 and 30 super boosted teams. My question is at what point with I stop matchmaking against these super boosted lvl 30 teams. Been about a week since I made the change and I’m still facing these same opponents. Am I just screwed? Should I just throw thor back in there and hope for the one off match I can win?

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yeah, my highest level dino is 24 (average of 20 or so) and ive been getting walled by level 28-30 max boosted teams. I recommend throwing thor back on your team. Its probably the best shot to winning a battle for ya.

Not cool ludia. Fix the matchmaking.

When I have dropped my team in the past I have always had to clear my cache to get matched with lower teams. If I don’t clear it I get matched with the same level as I did with my higher dino. Definitely try that and see if it works for you!