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Matchmaking **Waiting for Opponent** **timed out**

For 1. Change its name. Its not making any matches,

Its Wait5MinutesForTheWaitingForOpponentScreenToTimeOutMaking would be more realistic.

Is this going to be fixed anytime soon? I battle a lot except today where for the past 3 hours! I have not been able to get a match. 4 times in that time frame its given me the “waiting for opponent” so I get excited that hey finally! But only to be disappointed again. And again. And again. And again. because you can’t actually match anyone.

Why? It seriously cannot be that hard to get it right. Like I want to know whats so hard about it please. Even with someone who was within 20 trophies of me was looking at the same time we didn’t get matched.

I know this because we were talking about it. So whats going on? I know they aren’t hard working to fix instant invincibility because thats still busted.

So please, get something right and fix matchmaking.

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I got a match

Thank you for reading this and helping.

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My opponent lost 40 trophies to me.

I’m currently ranked #2 so there isn’t ANYONE who should lose 40 trophies to me.

May wanna check that too.

I would like another match please. Can you please assist in sending one over? Preferably not a rematch because if I take 40 trophies off someone who has 300 trophies less than me back to back matches I will feel very bad. Especially since it was an alliance mate.