Matchmaking, working as intended

so after fluctuating around the 4k trophy mark I noticed that I am able to fight the AI at no penalty if i loose, and after the battle i get my incubator and kill marks, lol what why, this makes no since I thought, but then I had a realization, what if so many people have left the game and stopped playing that in order to keep the pvp matches flowing at the higher arenas they needed ai matches to fill in for all the players ludia is repelling due to poor game management.

Having an ever decreasing player population would also explain why its impossible to fight against opponents at my power level, because so few now exist, and why i keep getting pinned against players who are obviously buying all the stat boosts and are multiple levels higher than me.

i do think having no penalty for loosing to the ai is negatively pampering to players so they don’t quit and salty to everyone who doesn’t have to option to fight ai and keeps getting pinned against players far more powerful than them due to poor circumstance.

Ai battles are an escape from the horrible pvp matchmaking!
There should be no timer to enter a bot battle.
And all trophy levels should have access to Ai battles.


exactly, that’s why i think it is salty that only people with 4k+ trophies get access to ai battles with only benefits and no downside, its basically a feature for those who paid to get there trophy level that high, or for the few steadfast players who slowly grinded their way to 4k and used skill to get there. With matchmaking so poorly put together their should just be an ai fight option before you click battle. then people who just want to get their daily and combat incubators can get them, compared to now were you are forced to loose via bad matchmaking 8 times in a row just to finally get your 15 minute incubator which is just a huge slap in the face to the player.