Matchmaking: WYD!

I’m over 5500 trophies. (started day over 5800).

This is my recent opponents

It’s been like this for 25+ battles today. Win +10 lose -50. Every single time.

Why is this happening and how can I fix it?


I see a lot of familiar names there I used to play in top 250. Nice to know ludia cares so little about their players they’ve done nothing so exploiters can reach ranks they don’t deserve and people that worked for
Their teams drop.


Its not droppers. I’m facing boosted teams and legit regular teams.

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Yep, right there with you.

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Oh I know it’s not droppers. I’m in the same boat as those players. And I can assure you I have never arena dropped. It’s the cause of this stupid boost system implementation causing top players with high level teams to drop. I’ve lost over 600 trophies playing mid twenties teams who boosted dinos to absurd levels faster than my level 30s.


I started the day at 5300…ended at 5k. This is who I’ve faced today. One guy had 1000 more trophies than me! Why Lydia why!?

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No offense to anyone, but when the high rollers complain that they can’t find matches, this is what happens. Anyone in the Aviary can fight anyone in the Aviary.


I’m also seeing a big change in the outcome of matchmaking algorithms today. Playing many lower leveled/trophy count teams and getting many 10 trophy wins from those with the occasional match against teams with dinos I’d give my left arm to have on my team. I win 5 easier matches for 10 trophies a pop, then any loss has cost an immediate -50 trophies to put me right back at square one. I can live with this for the time being but I feel like this would be terrible for all the low to mid Aviary teams getting setup to be trounced. I legitimately feel kinda bad taking the wins/10 trophies from all these players. If only matchmaking could be calculated solely from trophies. That would be great :+1:

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This is why I haven’t played in the arena since the introduction of the boosts… I used to enjoy the arenas just as much as hunting… now I only hunt… so incubator only DNA I will not get anymore of… which means it could be the end of the road for me… I just love how the game was… this is now a joke…


Yea it’s insane. If I don’t get Thor or Tryk i pretty much lose 50 trophies. If I do get Thor or Tryk I run through someone and take 10 trophies. Occasionally I get a decent match and take 50 off someone. But few and far between. To break even for the day I probably need to win 18 straight.

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I was just matched vs him.

I’m 1000 trophies higher.

It’s just brutal.

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Yesterday I faced the same higher level player three times in a row… He had a team of 27-29 while mine are 22-25… THREE TIMES IN A ROW!… Didn’t even see his trophy count, but I lost just 10 trophies after each battle… So, what happened? There was no other player to match me up against? I actually started to wait a little so I wouldn’t face him again… The game really is slowly dying…


It’s funny. There is a whole group of players who aren’t at the top but are close. And something comes along that causes them to fear slipping into the lower areas and …


Instant poop storm.

Screams of that’s dirty. No tactics. Pay to win. No skill. Game breaking etc…

Mean while we are all supposed to forget that they have spent a huge amount of time or money or both to try to gain an advantage…

Here is a little tip -
If you don’t want to fight the player who just beat you, after the match wait 2 minutes before clicking the “Battle” button again…the player who beat you will have gone straight for another match, and been put up against another player, since you weren’t “available” in the list of players :wink:

Then when you battle you will get a different player! As the higher level player who just won will already be busy in another fight.

I do this and it works perfectly!

Me personally ive stopped caring about my rating and now just use dinosaurs I find fun lol.

Was once 4799 rated, now im hovering between 3900 and 4150. Not by choice and ive not been arena dropping, been playing as normal just getting stomped by Thor who is faster than my Indoraptor apparently =/.

Its easier to have fun when you don’t give a rats about if you win or lose lol


Of course. I purposely haven’t made any uniques or pushed to get into higher arenas.

I made my new teams. Adjusted for Dino’s to my taste now I’m in ruins on the low end.

I bounce between ruins and marshes. I love battling. I like winning. But I love learning. Each time I lose I evaluate why. Each time I win I evaluate why. And I adjust and grow.

Honestly the boogie man Thor isn’t a consern. Neither is DC. For a while now in lower arenas you’ve had to deal with teams with multiple over powering assets .

So nothing changed. It’s just a problem for y’all at the top.

Kinda ranks up there with the …

“Oh my god I need to fix my yacht complaints” to me

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I’ve been seeing the opposite today.

I played 2 matches so far today in Aviary.
First 1 I lost 10 trophies. Opponent had 225 less trophies than me
Second 1 I won 38 trophies. Opponent had 525 less trophies than me.

This algorithm is odd.

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Well your team is ok, but there are a lot of level 27-28 dinos in it, which basically puts you lower in a matchmaking system than you currently stand.

I recall battling you once after patch and i noticed a lot of purchased speed boosts, since almost all your dinos were faster than my level 30 team. So since boosts do not have a serious impact on determining your opponent, maybe thats an answer.

I noticed something similar too. I was playing opponents that had average 25-27 dinos and some of them giving me a tough match because of boosts and some had almost no chance. So yeah, its all over the place. I see top 1 player having a huge lead from 2nd place and he doesnt even have a top team.

I had a lot of purchased speed boosts?

I couldn’t get it to work. I only got the speed boosts from dailies, the one time they were in shop and the android reward one.