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Matchmaking: WYD!

Same here.

My bad then. It must have been a weird draw and it just felt that way.

Its possible that Ludia is experimenting with the ranking system using an actual production server instead of doing all their testing in dev or qa environments. Who knows… it is pretty broken right now. I just mainly hope every time i battle that 30 seconds expire and i get matched against AI.

I know, that’s what I did, but this shouldn’t be necessary where I am (around 4800).



omg spoiler alert.

Not like the movie was that great anyway.

I was kidding. Obviously I know that THanos ruined Aviary.

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Yea it’s like this for a lot lose a lot more then when winning and only getting 10 achievements for winning. It’s insane. I’m not sure if it’s a bug or Ludia thinking it’s stability but hopefully a bug cause that would be just crazy to think . Win & loss achievements definitely needs fixed along with a lot of other mistakes made. Hope lost after so many mistakes.


If your losing a bunch of trophies for losses, but only gaining 10 for your wins… That should tell you that you are only able to win against the easiest match ups … Or that your team is entirely to much of a hot \ cold team.

In either case spending time objectively evaluating the situation would be more beneficial than complaining on the forum.

Thanks for your input. Its not correct though so you can just move along and discuss things you have no knowledge of elsewhere.

Thanks though boo.

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Ah ok . Yes sir

Yeah I forgot it’s a different game up in big people land


If a lower level player was able to buy enough speed boosts (and put it on Thor, probably), he/she can be able to beat much stronger teams when the beast is selected.

Today I beat a guy who had more trophies than me, but I still only won 10 trophies. Weird, just saying.

My observation is that your highest team level determines both, your opponents team as well as your trophy add or loss. They wanted us to have better balanced teams so if your team consists of 4 level 17, 3 level 18 and one level 24 you’re going to encounter a lot of level 26-27 opponents. Because your highest level only differs 2 levels. Better to bring back your entire team to 17-20. Your trophy count will be much more balanced as you do. Players dropping arenas but using their high levelled creatures to climb back up will see this in their rewards because they’ll only get 1-10 trophies per win due to the huge difference in creature levels between them and their opponents.

I had a team with 2 level 22, 2 level 20, 4 level 17 and I had entire teams of uniques against me. Rebalanced my team to 3 level 19, 1 level 18 and 4 level 17 and now I encounter creatures with just about the same levels. Sometimes legendary’s, sometimes insanely boosted epics or rares :slight_smile: win - lose about 26-30 trophies per battle each time.
I wait for my entire team to be able to level up, so I won’t have 1 level 20 creature because then I’ll surely encounter als these unique teams again.

To my opinion this is exactly what they intended. And I must say, I’m winning some, losing some but have fair battles (including the stat boosts) and enjoy battling now.

I’m so sick and tired of all these trophy and matchmaking issues that I really don’t realize what’s happening. It seems like Ludia is in panic and presses every single button not knowing how to fix it all.



I have battled players with 1000 - 1100 trophies more then me just because I have 1 level 30 dino. Just the one. It isnt even guaranteed that that particular dino is in my 4 Dino’s for battle. I have contacted Ludia about this and I get the prescribed explanation. Ugh. Fix the battles, please.