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So, now that I have your attention, let me present you my opponents from the last 10 matches and show you how terribly broke your matchmaking is. I am player lvl 16, have a quit solid team with 3 uniques lvl 22-23 that battles around 4,2 trophies. Been there for a while, sometimes have been higer as well as a bit lower. Team average about lvl 22.

Player 1 - 4442 trophies - Player lvl 18 - full team of uniques
Player 2 - 4350 trophies - Player Lvl 19 - mostly uniques, team average lvl 24
Player 3 - 4320 trophies - Player lvl 18 - 5 uniques, level 23 average
Player 4 - 4317 trophies - Player lvl 20 - 4 uniques, average 23,5
Player 5 - 4290 trophies - Player lvl 19 - 4 uniques, average 23
Player 6 - 4162 trophies - Player lvl 20 - 4 uniques, average 24
Player 7 - do I really need to continue…? Needless to say I got beaten up in every of these 10 games. Add some unlucky rng and there goes your losing streak.

So my suggestion is that you finally fix the matchmaking before you add a new tournament, new dinos or other new things that take the last bit of joy from a terrible matchmaking and nobody has asked for.

Before someone states that I didn’t give any solution to this problem: The forum is full of ideas, dozens of people made their minds up and came up with solid or even very good ideas. All Ludia has to do is to read them. Other companies would be happy to get quality feedback for free without having to spend 1000s of $$ for market research but 10$ for some webspace.

You get tons of feedback, use this feedback. Otherwise don’t be surprised if people drop trophies, start spoofing or exploit buggy game mechanics. People want to be listened to and have the feeling that you are actually consider their feedback.


That’s nice and all, but what about those incubators?


False advertising of a post!

0/10, would not click again.




For free incubators please leave credit card number and end date in the comments :upside_down_face:

Having more uniques doesn’t tell a lot. Last season I finished top 500 with 3 legendaries, 1 epic, and 1 rare on my team.


Nothing to see here, let’s move on :sleeping:

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They use this feedback to nerf uniques

Clickbait. Flagged.

Well then grypo dioraja and toura are the best uniques in the game so op

You set your own matchmaking by punching above your weight or doing more with less. If you are losing stay calm you’ll quit seeing Unquies soon enough.

Problem solved.



This was an obvious clickbait for devs/staff, if you believed there was a simple trick for free incubators, I’d like to welcome you to the internet, it’s new for all of us at one point.

I don’t play above my lvl, I have been at 4,2k since three weeks. It is well known that matchmaking often is unfair, time to finally fix it.

4.2K got better.

You didn’t.


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You have no idea how matchmaking is at 4,2k.

There is nothing to see for you here, go spend another fortune and enjoy your stay.


The oppononts you have faced. Are the kinds of oppononts nowadays is normal to encounter in that arena.

Don’t forget that you are on the brink of getting to 4.5k trophies and that this is also the amount that people get set back to when tournaments happen. So it is logical to encounter high lv players with some uniques on their squad.

Especially since the st. Patricks day event where most players got a tryko and an erlidom that were around that amount of trophies.

I know exactly how it is.

You are good enough to be in that range.

Or not.

You’re not.

So Down you go

It’s math

You’re pissed at numbers lmaoo


I faced opponents like these before the unique week as well. Sure, there were less uniques, but the levels still were significantly higher. Add the dozens of people dropping and there goes the fun arena once was.

If you were that smart you wouldn’t waste your money on a mobile game.

If you we’re smarter than me you would waste your time and thus money caring about it. But you do, so here we are

Sad thing is I am smart enough to have money to waste. Not sure that’s a good thing but it is a thing