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Matchup Madness!

Okay, let’s all admit that some, okay maybe more than some matchups are really bad right now. It’s pretty clear Ludia does not intend to address the issue. Why should they? What better way to get people on boost-a-roids. So, might as well have some fun with it. Post some of the craziest matchup pics you have. Here’s one I had a couple of days ago, This is my David and Goliath shot. In this story, however, David dies a horrible death, Please post yours.


How boosted is your team? And what are their levels at?

Boosted to 5 mostly. Levels are 21 to 24. They were a very boosted team and even brought in a lvl 30 rat in to wrap things up. Hey, I am not complaining (anymore), have learned to live with it and only bother to do PvP to get my battle inc these days. It is what it is and complaining does nothing (posts meme “see nobody cares”). If you can’t change their meta, then better change yours is my new motto :slight_smile:

So, would love to see your crazy pics!

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opponent minutes ago:

that was insane. that almost 8k health alosaurus one shooted my first dino.

then opponent supposedly lost connection. so i thought “ok, let me finish this”.

i couldn’t. i used tryko, proceratho, rat swap in, rat rampage, tryko, rat swap again, rampage again… and player doing just basic super boosted high level moves with tragodistis, stegocera… :confused:

i lost. boost age.


Dang! You know what?? I think I faced the same team actually. I was like “an Allosaurus, really?” Then BOOM, my team is gone - LOL.

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another day… another doug:

this team was insanely speed boosted (150+ and 160+)

dropped 400 trophies in 2 days.

mess is becoming chaos now.

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This is the problem with boosts.
The search for components to create uniques is no longer necessary as pretty much any Dino can be super boosted and used in the arena.
That must be good I hear you say, but it’s not.
Because the teams shown here will be matched with lower boosted teams that contain hard to obtain uniques, and will easily win.
The matchmaking algorithm would look at the commons in the super boosted teams and even at level 30 they would be seen as the same as a 22 unique.

1.5 years of hunting for uniques down the drain in one patch. Sad days.


Exactly this.

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Imo matchup algoritm should ONLY look at the 4 dino’s selected for battle, that way we wouldn’t face the huge problem with the current matchup algoritm because a lot of players know that putting 1 very low lv dino on their team will lower the average lv of their team by 2 or more levels so they will face opponents with dino’s that are no match for their teams

also why do we ALWAYS have to fight opponents with higher level dino’s (at least 2 lv higher, usually up to 4 or more lv higher) and not dino’s that are at our own level or just 1 lv higher??? I know it is in part so we can get more trophies, but I would be happy to just get 10 trophies/match if my opponent’s team is not that much higher than mine and I actually have a chance to win

and another thing is that boosts seem to be counted apart from level so boosts on opponents are usually also at least on average 1-2 (or more) higher than our team, which is unfair because we already have to fight higher lv dino’s , if you count the boosts as levels than we are facing even higher level teams, really like everyone knows the matchmaking is currently insane!

just to try it out I lowered my pvp team to an average of just a bit higher than lv22 and boosts around lv3 on average allround (but not yet lv23 on average) whereas I normally have a team of average 24 lv and boosts around 5 allround, and guess what? I still faced dino’s of lv26+ and even lv30 sometimes AND boosted of course! and usually they had the usual rat that was highest lv on their team (at least lv26 and boosted) or the boosted lv26+ thor that they bring out at the end to sweep the remainder of my team (rest of their team was usually lower level than those 2)

Yes, the algorithm seems difficult to fathom, so I have given up trying. Seriously though, I did not want to create this thread to complain, the game is what it is and Ludia doesn’t really care much what we think, hence the additional boost day today :clown_face:

Best to to remember it is a game and try not to care too much.

So please share the worst, most crazy matchups you have had. And thanks again for sharing yours @AndreMR

Had to share another funny example of more balanced matchmaking from this morning - lol. 300 reward points above me, as was the person before. Just too funny honestly. My team is 22 to 24 lvl.