Hello everyone
Do you think I have the slightest chance to win this? :joy::joy:

Ooh, that’s a tough one. What do your lineups look like for all classes? My guess is you have other types like carnivores that are a lot higher ferocity and that’s why this matchup is so much harder, as it goes off the AFS for everything you have, not just the one class (same for rarity events). It’s frustrating when this happens, so always try to keep your classes matched on ferocity to avoid this issue.


If you can build up reserve with the first creature and kill the herbivore with the second, maybe

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Yup… thats the problem, this my weakest class, even worse then herb…
The previous two were hard, i was lucky it was only 2 birds requirement and i used my anf(best card) to win and even with that one was hard…
Hard day for me managing my best dino for this and the tournment and now It might have been a waste of coins and dinos
Already tried two times and one went terribly wrong and the second i managed to leave the herb low hp but no where near to win.
The moves the AI does are always changing and I cant trick it

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The thing is that i always have to defend with the first or else he kills me instantly

Block round 1
Block round 2
Reserve round 3

But he goes for reserve the first two rounds always and then he can switch tonthe herb and kill me with one shot each
Its unfortunetly because the legedary and the dna would be really useful but thats the way it has to be

Misread originally

You say the AI always reserves on the first 2 rounds. Have you tried reserving on rounds 1 and 2? That will give you three reserve points, maybe you can do something with that

Going to try it next. Last chance i have. Should i use the best dino in middle or last slot?

The battles in my Avian ancestors event have been overly difficult as well.

I have 3 ok pterosaurs, lvl 40 Pteranodon and lvl 40 Dimorphodon, and then a lvl 10 vip. I won the first 2 rounds, barely, have lost the 3rd round twice now, with around 6 hrs for dino’s to recover i’m probably not gonna finish this one.

Those dino’s vs at least 2 lvl 30 and or 40 tournament herbs, just seems a little over kill.

Guessing the difficulty is based off of your top dino’s, none of which are pterosaurs unfortunately.

oh well


This was the hardest event i had. Its unfortunate that my pterosauras are weak. Luckly i only 20/30 min cooldown but I dont do enough dmg to contest.
If the herb was weaker I could have chance but its too much…
And the funny thing aboutnthis event is that the 3rd fight has the weakest dinos

I would go 2nd to make sure the herbivore gets taken out. If you can, after you put enough attack points to kill the herbivore, block with your remaining points. Then switch to creature #3 and go full reserve. That way you can keep attacking with your best pterosaur

Well, I tried to do that move and for the first time i managed to get to the last carn but its impossible. If the herb was weaker or I was stronger and didnt have to use 7 attack to kill it, i would win.
Thank you all anyways
Next time i will be prepared


I think this event was level bracketed possibly instead of ferocity based. But it does not seem to make sense that way either since @ANKYLOPEA_4444 is level 66 and I am level 85 yet here is my first match up…

I intended to take screen shots of each match but failed as I got distracted with Code 19s, I think this was match 3:

Match 2 was all carnivores and match 4 was even easier since it had a low level rare in the lead off spot, I did the last three with the same line up as I did on match 3.


Your match 3 was the exact same as my match 3.

I’m lvl 75 and my top 2 pterosaurs are a lvl 40 pteranodon and a lvl 40 Dimorphodon.

Was it winable for me… sure but not without some luck especially in the 1st 2 turns. But unfortunately it’s not like i could keep trying when it takes 6+ hrs for those 2 dino’s to come off cool down and i wasn’t spending DBs on it

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It also seemed to be following the old boss rhythm where it wouldn’t attack with more than three if it could kill you with one shot, I didn’t fully test this out since I didn’t need to but on my fodder creatures when I had three action points and the AI was up with 4 or more typically it would do four attack to ensure the kill but each time it would only do three attack.

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I knew that this event was different. I didnt get new vip dinos last week so it couldnt just increase the difficulty like that
I gave up on it :sleepy: your tips helped me get to the last one but i dont the block points needed to win it.i tried like 5 or 6 times now
Predicting the AI moves seems different in this one. Sometimes he even changes the 1st and 2nd move, even if i use the same dinos

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Cough Cough I’m always matched up with VIP dinos cough cough