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Math nerds has anyone worked out epic DNA required for Unique?


I ran some numbers and (expecting 20 per fuse) I calculated 4750 Epic DNA required to create a L21 Unique from nothing. Has anyone else done this I’m interested to check my Math was correct.
I know, I know I probably should have done it expecting fuses of 10.


Up to 5000.


Posted this on a previous post. Just wanna get it out there so everyone can gain the knowledge of this incredible app


I’m pretty sure it’s 5750 Epic DNA, expecting 20 a fuse. With 10 a fuse, on the worse end, it would take around 8150 DNA. So, somewhere between those two amounts.


I imagine it will depend on the hybrid scheme.

For example Tryko will use different amounts of Rex vs kentro/anky DNA.


I figured out to get a level 30 utarinex it would take roughly 20,500 sino DNA. That’s all the way from creating utahsino and up. I have a spreadsheet now I can use to calculate that stuff. I assumed an average fuse rate of 21 per fuse.

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It’s a great app I downloaded it yesterday although it doesn’t answer the question I’m asking. It helps with it a bit though. Thanks again


I posted this elsewhere. I don’t know if you’ve got the time but can you see where I’ve gone wrong?


No, this is right! What the question was referencing, or at least what I calculated was, how much would it take to get an epic to Level 20, and then get a dinosaur. For example, like Erlidom, would need between 5750 and like 8150 T-Rex to be able to get him. However, in your case, it would be less. So, something like Diloracheirus would take around 4750. We were just calculating different amounts.

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Cheers. Erlidominus is on my list of not in this lifetime.


I actually did it at 22.5 per combine.

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This is a spreadsheet I made a while back for Utarinex. It is based on an avg of 22.5 DNA per combine.
This is just a rough estimate, and I am sure confidence levels can be adjusted up or down by changing the avg DNA gathered per combine. My guess 22.5 DNA per combine would be about a 67% chance, while 20 would be 95% chance.


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So what I tend to do, is gather up the DNA I think I need to get to the next level, and that is when I do the combining.
So let’s say I want to go to level 23 from level 22.
Based on my chart I would gather up 3000 Utahraptor DNA , 3500 Dracorex DNA, and 750 Sinoceratops DNA. At that point I would do my combining and hope everything works out.

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