Mattel Creatures into JWA

So all Mattel Jurassic world creature has a scanner on their feet or wings so what if they could be used to get the creatures that they are into JWA and it will have their colors as well and maybe their own hybrids alongside it.

… Mattel already has their own app for that, and plus… there are hundreds of creatures. For ludia to make and progress with their game, they need to work on important stuff, not reskins, and then dozens of new animations


I think a better implementation is maybe giving you some dna of a creature the game already has and making it a one time scan, but that could easily become exploitable

Some of them probably will. Pachyrhinosaurus and ramphorynchus are in jwtg so they could be imported. The camp cretaceous dinosaurs cryolophosaurus and coelurus could appear in the show so they might get added if they’re making a appearance. Protoceratops and carcharadontosaurus are famous and highly requested so perhaps

I don’t know about carchar and protoceratops because people have been requesting cerato, another well known dinosaur for a while and it still isn’t in the game.

Well ceratosaurus had a recent appearance in camp cretaceous so it’s only a matter of time