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Pardon if I’m not using this right… But did anybody else see this guy???
Big dude, long hair, holding a lion cub :heart_eyes:
I swiped so fast I didn’t get a screencap… We didn’t match tho :frowning:
I think his full name was Matteo Heinrich? His bio was about working with lions, I think. Like I said, big hot guy, lion cub, it was an insta-swipe; didn’t read much.

Anybody match with him successfully? Or is he just not actually released?

Nah, I don’t think they’ve got anything written for him yet, which is a shame, because I really wanted to match with him, too. I think it kinda sucks that they’ve got characters in the cycle that you just can’t match with, because there are a great many that I think have great potential, like Queen B, Cpt. Muffin, Joao, Rory and Brett, just to name a few. I hope that they release the content for those characters soon.

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Ooh, I don’t think I’ve seen Cpt. Muffin or Rory?
But yeah, I’ve been bummed out with a few I couldn’t match with… :pensive: I honestly thought it was a problem on my end lol, figured it was because I was a gemini or something…
Either way, Matteo needs to be finished ASAP!!! You CANNOT show me a hot guy with a lion cub and not let me talk to him! :tired_face:
Also there were some like, time travelers? Or something? Couldn’t get them either, bummed me out.

Ah yes, Nicholas. There was also Tomas, the prince. Tiros Darkmane is a centaur (which I found out from their other app, where the concept was first pitched). Cpt. Muffin is an adorable cat, and Rory is a single father, who’s been through a lot <3 He looks so sweet, I just wanna cuddle him forever!

In regards the the Gemini thing, changing your gender, name or star sign does not affect who matches with you at all. It think that maybe they wanted to add that mechanic in future, but who knows?

Tomas the prince is a time-traveler? And Tiros is a centaur?! :scream: I saw Tiros, but I was thinking of the one guy who looks like some kind of Mr. Darcy type.
Also, I can’t believe we have time-travelers, vampires, and a centaur, but no true werewolves. :pensive: I need my wolfboys/girls, bro…
But ooh, I think I saw Rory! Or maybe an alternate of him? I can’t remember the name…
And Cpt. Muffin… I hope I find him soon! Seriously not enough cats in this game yet.


You van match with cpt. Muffin :slight_smile: