Max Attempt Reached Without Single Attempt

Dear Ludia, how is it even possible? I have spent few hours trying to locate at least one Alloraptor and when I finally found one, my scanner showed 5/5 max attempt reached without me launching a single drone at all. I have 0 DNA from it as I never encountered it before nevermind launching a single dart at it. Same is with Erlikogamma, I have 5/5 max without a single shot a it? I am a bit upset and just want to know, how is this even possible? Is there a way to fix this, please.

Thank you.

Did you dart anything that was in the leap year? (Like did you dart any velociraptors, utahraptor, etc)?


Cuz that‘s an evil trapped I almost stepped into. Saw rare raptor and wanted to dart when I wondered why it had only 5 attempts. Then I realized. They didn‘t separate them clearly.


Did you dart literally dino under blue drops prior to this? An echo or something? It’s 5 attempts across all dino rarities.

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Really. What?? 5 attempts in total for all? That’s really upsetting and they really should have been more clear about it. Thank you. I spent a lot of time to even try to get to that one on this terrible weather, it’s just unfair.

Yep, sorry buddy, but fortunately for you, allo g2 will be next season’s reward, so win battles for that alloraptor!

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Don’t worry u won’t be able to find 5 dinos u want anyway. I’ve been looking for 4 hours drove half way across the state an not a single indo gen 2

I haven’t seen a single one either. :pensive:

Guess every day is a new lesson. Thanks everyone that tried to make this clear to me. I still think, this should have been more clearer as I suppose I wasn’t the only one that failed “to read the fine print”.

Yeah, it’s lame. Sorry about that.

Very similar thing happened to me I did two attempts and all the sudden it was five out of five I give up this isn’t the first time it has happened to me and I’ve never gotten a response