Max attempts reached - ability to extend number of tries!

As the title says, it would be great if we could pay, coins or/and cash, to add more tries if max attempts are reached, by a maximum of 5 attempts. Examples below:


  • 1st time: 100 coins

  • 2nd time: 200 coins

  • 3rd time: 300 coins

  • 4th time: 400 coins

  • 5th time: 500 coins


  • 1st time: 250 coins

  • 2nd time: 500 coins

  • 3rd time: 750 coins

  • 4th time: 10 cash

  • 5th time: 20 cash


  • 1st time: 1000 coins

  • 2nd time: 20 cash

  • 3rd time: 50 cash

  • 4th time: 75 cash

  • 5th time: 100 cash

When it comes to legendary and unique, it will only be possible to extend it by one


  • Cost: 100 cash


  • Cost: 200 cash

What do you guys think? The prices is just suggestions and could most likely be changed by Ludia!

While I don’t think this is a bad idea, knowing how Ludia operates those prices would be amped WAY way up :sweat_smile: