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Max cap common dna 250000?

Hi there.
I have a few common dinos reaching the max cap of 250000 dna. When I reach that limit what happens? The extra dna is no longer counted, so it is better not to dart it. Or it is added but not shown anymore. With my velociraptor I sometimes have the impression that it is the 2nd option, but I am not sure. In that case I could stop merging indominus. I can use the trex dna better for my tryco.

That is a very good question. I would hazard a guess that any extra DNA is just lost.

I believe any dna darted above the cap is lost, however, I believe it still counts towards daily and alliance missions.

The extra DNA is there. Do one fuse for majundasuchus and you will see the real amount.


You don’t see the DNA but it actualy counts up to 500.000
The only way to see how much you have is when someone in your Alliance requests that dinosaur.


Correct. Visual MAX on common is 250,000. Actual storage max is 500,000.

It still counts for alliance and personal missions DNA if you dart it at max max, it just does not accumulate anymore.

As pointed out by Nightfall, you can see the actual if someone requests it, or you make a request with it. You can also see the actual max when fusing. It will appear right after a fuse for a second then go back to 250000+. I check Rare and Epic by fusing.

Some you can verify by going to the multi-fuse option and seeing the max number of fuses possible. Do some reverse math to get the storage for the one you have the least of. The other one will be more than that. It isn’t the most accurate way to check, but it gives you an idea anyway.

My Suchomimus is 250,000/max but if someone request dna it shows on that screen I have 260,000 or more. Also if I fuse a 50 to suchotator it shows that instead of ending in a 0 it’s an odd or even number because of how I’ve darted or acquired dna.

Verdict is it still accumulates but doesn’t show.

Thanks for the reply’s. I’m glad that i can now stop fusing indominus. And keep darting majunda for when it gets a new hybrid.

@Nightfall @Wwwoodchuck @Phil you are correct. See picture, never noticed it .


Youve got one of those trainers in your alliance?!? Do they ever chat or contribute? They spam request to me all the time. I figure they are test accounts to website reviewers or something. They’re always brand new accounts so I never accept them.

What is max DNA for rare and epic?

Rare visible is 100,000
Rare max is 200,000

Epic visible is 25,000
Epic max is 50,000

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unfortunately I am not the manager or the group. I think a third of my group are such accounts. members who are not active are removed from the group every month. And are replaced by these accounts. as you say, they don’t write on the chat or donate anything. The weekly group missions aren’t going any faster. Always suspected those are fake accounts.

I’ll see soon if the real max cap is 500,000.


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I see. That sucks. I just reject their request because I assume they would be no added value. If you’d like to join my alliance you can. I just ask people to play daily, use chat, and try and focus on the team sanctuary. Highest we’ve gotten is 15 but still not everyone is helping 100% on it. We’ve been hitting 10 exploration and we hit 9 defense for the first time last week. Normally 8 defense but looks like 9 again this week.

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It is.