Max Coins for Supply Drop Issue or Not?


Hi i founded this situation:
Im lvl 10. Lets says that the limit of coins i can get through supply drops is 10 000.
But, if i open an Epic incubator that gives 10000 coins, when i go to one supply drop, its says i already reached the coins limit.

Its that Ok?, the supply drop coins limits its bounded to the whole amount of coins wee get in the game?



Whether you get coins by visiting Supply Drops and Treasure Chests, or by battling in the arena (winning, not opening incubators), all coins count toward your coin cap. Your coin cap is determined by your level, and it “resets” every day around 5 p.m. EDT.

While I’m fairly certain that opening incubators may contribute to your overall coin cap (preventing you from gaining more coins via Supply Drops), I don’t think that the game prevents you from gaining coins via an Incubator due to having reached your daily coin cap. Don’t quote me on that part, though, 'cause I’m not 100% certain and have never actually reached my daily coin cap.