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Max damage on Sino Raid

Use two Irritators and two Indom Rex G2’s and you can set up the last turn (only two turns in Round 1 and one turn in Round 2) so that a Closked Indom Rex G2 with two MF’s, 2 GT’s, and 2 RtC’s on it hits Sino and massacres him. We got up to 16,320 damage with a unboosted, level 15 Indom G2.

Irrit 1 DSS, RtC, GT
Irrit 2 DSS, RtC, GT
Indom G2 1 Cloak, FR, MF
Indom G2 2 MF, Cloak, FR

If you have boosts on your Indom G2 for the second round hit, im guessing you could get damage over 18,000???

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18415 done with all unboosted

Nice!!! What did you use?

I don’t remember exactly as it was over a month ago but it was either 3 irritators & 1 indom or 2 of each.

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Interesting choice of words