Max dna in possession

How do you know when youve completely maxed out the dna you can hold? My rare turtle is showing 100k + 1k but i dont know the precise amount. Im just wondering if theres a sign that theres no point darting any more?

100k is pretty much a sign you don’t need to be darting it anymore :slight_smile:
You can see how much you have while you fuse its hybrid. Or when you request it in alliance.

Thanks. Ironically i dont think ive unlocked its hybrid!!! My map has an urban reservoir one side and a park the other so i get turtles by the bucketload! I only tend to dart it at the moment ifcwe need rare dna for an alliance task but i was just wondering as i have a couple of others im getting to the initial max on.

If a rare becomes an ingredient for a unique, then you might need about 70k to get that to level 30. So that gives you an indication of how much you need to be on the safe side.
Donations won’t ever deplete all 100k, especially not when it’s as common as meiolania. Just keep an eye on alliance donation requests to have an idea what you should still be darting :wink:
Echo, Compsognathus gen 2, Gorgo, Carno, T-rex gen 2, Andrew, those kind of things.

Actually, if you ever wanted to max a creature for tournaments visual max is not enough.

Taking a level 6 rare to 30 needs 116,750 for example.

True, but those last 16k is easy to get in most cases, especially if you already managed to get 100k.
I’d never level up a rare to 30, but that’s just me :wink:

Im the main darter in my alliance, i fire off 2-2500 a day as a rule, i pretty much dart everything i come across under my own priority system (what i currently need myself / whats getting requested / rarity / how much i have ip, etc)

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That’s quite a lot of darts! You might get sick of that quite soon :slight_smile: When everything is maxed you have nothing to do.

If you or someone request the dna you’re questioning, you can see how much you have. 500,000 is max common despite it showing 250,000 max on common.

It is indeed. Im neurodiverse so it doesnt bother me, my issue is likely to be starting to run out of stuff to dart in 6-9mths!