Max DNA per level bug

Anyone else notice some glitches in the max DNA per level.

While I rarely get them Ankylosaur is super easy to do this on (well and I’m sure VIP helps with this). I noticed as level 18 my max DNA on an Epic is 240. At lower levels it was 315 (level 16) and 300 (level 15). I never got max at level at 17 but I’ll assume it would have gone up.

Maybe this is a bug or just my game, but I uninstalled the first time I saw it and it is still an issue.

You sure this is a thing? News to me if it is.

How much DNA are you getting on a perfect epic hit?

I thought the formula for max dna was (perfect hit x 15).

I mean the max DNA you can collect on 1 attempt of a dino, not the max per shot. If you get the MAX it exits out of the drone mode even if you have battery left and they haven’t escaped

I know what you were saying. I was asking about the max hit per dart because that figure can be used to determine what the cap is supposed to be on a Dino. (“Max dart hit” x 15 = “max dna you can collect”)

At level 13, the max dart hit on a common is 23 DNA. The max DNA I can collect from a common is 345 (or 23 x 15). Since you get less DNA from Rares and an even lesser amount from Epics the max you can collect from them is even less.

Hey mindyourbeezwax, could you contact our team here at with your support key and that information so they can investigate further? If you also remember the time and date you were collecting the Ankylosaurus DNA, it’ll be really helpful to our team as well.

I think we pointed this bug out before and they’re working on figuring it out. Seems to only affect level 18 I believe. It’ll go away with the next level up.