Max Heath Lvl 30 Miragaia!

For those wondering what one looks like, I encountered this fellow in the Library.

Screenshot_20200322-142755_JW Alive

Hefty attack stat too!


This is just sad to look at. My level 24 T3 health Gemini has 400 more health than it. :sweat_smile:

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I mean for the regular arena sure, it’s gonna get taken down. But the common advantage tournament? That’s gonna cause some serious damage.


did someone get bored?

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I’d imagine it was built for Common Advantage tournaments.
I’d say that thing could clean sweep most teams!


I can’t wait to get my Carnotarkus to max HP and face that thing.


I fell like that Gaia has the upper hand lol either way

Has huge HP = large damage will be taken every counter.
I can rampage one turn, and hopefully the mira doesn’t regen when i’ll distract it. It just needs to get countered twice and take 1 rampage. If I have Kapro on hand, things might get quite easy for me.

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I’m just one tier away from max boosted 'Tarkus. For some reason I thought I could dump all 30 into health, but now I see it’s maxed at 20. Super stoked!

Yeah, 20 HP, 10 A should do it.