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Max is dead due to distraction nerf

I’ve played about 10 battles so far and the distraction nerf to Max is the real killer. Easily beating Max with Tenrex though any high HP distraction creature can easily take Max out now.

If this is the new build of Max to stay, we definitely need a boost reset. Most of my coins, cash and boosts went towards Max counters in addition to boosting Max. Max is now almost useless…


This is what I just experienced as well. This is not right and I think we should get those boosts back. Maxima is absolutely useless now.


I did a few rounds with Max and its still quite good. You just need to be a bit more strategic with it now and not throw it out in any situation expecting to eliminate an entire team.


She lost her armour, immunity to distraction so dinos like magna, monolo and many more will destroy her with ease.


Yes, fierce creatures defeat resilient creatures. Novel concept right?


It’s still a good dinosaur - just don’t expect it to win battles on its own anymore.
Imagine, having to use strategy to win…

Distractions getting you down? Max’s basic attack is Resilient Strike :wink:


Magna is not 100% fierce.

Yeah try this with 2K damage each time. Good luck with that!

It isn’t useless but It definitely needs a buff now. All those nerfs combined were way too much. The only reasonable nerf was the damage.


I’ve been obliterating maxima with Utarinex. That shouldn’t happen lol maxima can IIT the rampage and run but then I have a full health dino to kill it with. Definitely nerfed too hard, but arena feels quite balanced now. Nothing explicitly OP to worry about. So props to Ludia for that

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I see It like this. Maxima and gemini are a bit more resilient than fierce, so they should beat magna. Tryko is more fierce than resilient so It should beat Maxima and gemini but lose against magna. In theory at least.

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It’s so weird being able to swap to Thyla right off the bat… Lania comes in, Max comes in, straight swap to Thyla, game over. Also, Max at 21 has less than 1000 damage now, because I encountered one at that level that surprisingly had no boosts.

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Hey at least you have something to counter lania at the moment since it accidentally has two II

Like who thought that was a good idea? The majority of my team can deal with shields (Quetz, Max, Monolo, Draco, Thyla) but still.

Ludia confirmed Magna as primarily fierce when they gave it fierce rampage.

Even if it wasn’t the problem was that in the state that it was in, Maxima was it killed literally everything. Even if they only nerfed them damage it would still obliterate absolutely everything. The only buff that I’ll accept for Maxima is a tiny bit of armor, but none more. Its a perfectly servicable resilient dino now, and still very much usable. People just need to learn to use other dinos to win instead of their teamwiper.


Yeah that’s a weid bug

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It’s cunning fierce

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Yes, and they are meant to do well against resilient dinos. Such as ardentismaxima.


So you’re saying that the extra cooldown on TSR is reasonable? That’s nonsensical. This isn’t definite rampage, it’s just a normal DSR on PvP. That’s the same as saying DSR deserves another cooldown

Maxima should never wipe a team, but If they just removed distraction resistance, gave It 5700 HP, 10% armor and 1200 damage that would be the perfect nerf to make It balanced and It wouldn’t be as weak as It is now. The thing is not even better than ardonto right now.


Maxima… is not… dead!