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Max level boost bug

When i max (put 20 point in a set),a skill,it show me the 20 boost outgame but a 19 boost in game
Example One!
edmonto LVL 30 have maxed health:When i see his stats out of battle:it show me 9517hp
In battle:It became 9300
Thoradolosaurs have maxed attack lvl 29:When i see his stats out of battle :it show me 2917 dmg
In battle :it became 2860
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How often does it happen:Every battle,it appear than passing from lvl 19 to lvl 20 is useless

What type of device are you using:iphone5s

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Hey shining, would you be able to grab a screenshot of this from your game?


sorry for the delay:there


I saw this Tryo a while back, thought I was losing my mind.
Maxed at 162, should be 164.

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yes @Ned this bug is true. anyway i already write to support ticket also 2 weeks ago on this. hope u can remind them again URGENTLY, as we really hope this bug is fixed before the new patch that will hit soon (1.11). and not the next next patch (1.12 etc)… it is important as the bug affect ALL dinos in the library, not selective certain species… we cant tier 20 any of our dino. If we do, only the number turn yellow, but the stats are T19.
this really affect gameplay. thank you…

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Thanks for the screenshots, everyone! Our team is working on addressing this issue.

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Thank you ned

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