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Max level for 3 stars Tuffnut Junior Dragon?

Just got max for my tuffnut Junior dragon and happy that I’ve finally got to max but when I checked on Books of Dragons for reference I noticed that it’s actually showing different max points.

Which one is correct?

Is he at full Spirit Ability 10? Even if they are at max level they don’t fully max out until spirit level10. Otherwise I haven’t a clue! It is still showing the level up button in Green, which suggests there is still something to do. Once fully maxed it goes grey I think.


@NightLight4 I think your right! I’ve checked my other dragons at max and 10/10 and the level button is indeed grey.
So this means that I still have to get 10/10, at the moment I’m at level 8.
Let’s see if the max level will increase when I have reached 10/10.
Thank you :blush:

Glad to help! I had this once and it took a good few dragons - try to throw enough at it to have a high probability of ability upgrade