Max level of creatures?


The most level that i saw is 20, can be more?


This is not me lol but 20 is not the max, you can check it out yourself by watching the top 100 of the players in the battles


That sure is one hell of a team to battle against rip. Even commons can have decent levels, the best i have is already lv 18 while i was pretty sure they had somd kind of max lvl; i am aware you need a level 25 dino in order to make a legendary so maybe 25 could be the max level? (I think they changed this one can’t find it anymore) It would be pretty epic to see level 60 dinosaurs one day but i doubt they go that high lol.


The language in the screenshot is Italian. I am Italian. How is it possible that an Italian player is already at level 17 with such evolved dinosaurs if in Italy the app came out on 05/23/2018?


A number of players were able to play the game early irrespective of their region through use of a VPN. Alternately this person has a vast amount of discretionary spending that they have put towards the game or are spoofing through GPS hacks to find epic Dinos much quicker than a legit user. Take your pick.