Max limit on darted DNA from epic?


So today I found an Ankylosaurus on my daily rounds and did outstanding on darting it and got 240! BUT… it end the drone darting at 240, the time did not run out the creature did not escape and I did not run out of darts.
So unless this is a glitch it appears Ludia has restricted the total amount of DNA one can get from darting an epic.
Has anyone else had this happen when they hit 240 on an epic?


Glad it went well, I dated an Ankylosaurus once and it was a nightmare. :joy:


Last week I went out with an indominus and boy are my arms gone :joy:

FYI this is an original dad joke taken from this dad joke

I just flew to New Jersey and boy are my arms tired :joy:


And to answer your question yes there are limits to how much dna you can get! The higher the level of dinosaurs the less the max! In other words commons have a higher cap than rare and epic


Really? I didn’t know this thanks for the info. Do you happen to know what the different max counts of the different rarities?


Nope sorry :neutral_face: I don’t know