Max number of friends

Customer service informed me today that the max allowed number of friends for each player is 50. Which is bonkers: an alliance has 50 members (if fully developed), and most long-time players had a few friends from before alliances, and then a lot from the alliances they’ve been in.

I asked customer service for this because apparently I couldn’t add any more friends, and they told me that instead of adding, I should have ditched someone because with 98 I’m already above the limit thanks to a bug that’s about to be closed.

Please change the limit.

I’m not asking for 2 million friends like some individuals on Facebook, but just a minimal allowance for friends made over the game (250 or so would be reasonable).


ok. so this bug is getting fixed but other long standing bugs aren’t?

just increase the cap for friends. I’d like to have my alliance mates and a few others that i’ve had fun battling.

I never knew there was such a low maximum of friends. That is quite strange.

Why is there even a limit on friends? That’s not even a cash-grab. It does not profit or benefit either party in any ways. Games should be encouraging making new friends, not preventing it.

I understand perhaps it may cause lag, but still, 50 is quite small.