Max or Gem? (2.3)

Going into 2.3 I’m in a bit of a dilemma. I want to start building my Max so I have that for raids, but not a ton in my alliance have Gem for Magnus, so I’m kind of stuck here. Does anyone have any input here?

For reference, My Max is 22 with no boosts, 6k Brachi, 6k argi, 2.5k seco. Gem is 21 with no boosts 3k Diplo, with almost 9k Aram and 8.5k Koola2

Gem, because it is arguably harder to get means it will be more helpful for your alliance because of its scarcity

do what you want. build whichever you prefer more first. both will be helpful for different raids.

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But Max is more effective in other raids, and Gem would be a lot harder to make