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Max out my gorgosuchus?

I sold some more stuff and have enough to buy 2 more gorgosuchus’ for my park. I currently have a level 30 and 20. Here’s my top line up.

If the answers no then what should I do with the other 2 gorgos.

make 2 gorgo level 30

2 level 20 for now…

Before maxing it out there are a few things to do

  1. Get dinos that fit between lvl 20 indoraptor and lvl 10 indoraptor
  2. Deepen your lineup
    And other things I forgot
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Ok. That’s fair. I’ve sold everything I could without losing too many good dinos. So I can work on maybe metraiphodon when I get the dna. But I’ll keep 2 level 30 gorgos and try to get some more level 30 tournement hybrids

Gorgosuchus lv 20 = 1 day cooldown
Gorgosuchus lv 30 = 2 days cooldown…

leave the metriaphodon only at level 20
don’t try to put on 30 :raised_hand:

if you have tapejara make tapejalosaurus and his s hybrid.

try to create copies of the dinos you already own but don’t forget the cooldown n ferocity…

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Why sell your dinos? More effective to do either aquatic PvP and ceno PvP you will gain alot of dna this way rather than selling dinos that contribute to coin production.

Just a suggestion.

You will receive copies of creatures in PvP and be offered dna at the trade harbour that far exceeds any of your lower dinos sell price.


well for one i couldnt care less about acuatic and never use them. And I almost never do pvp either.

Are you saying I should have 2 metraiphodons level 20? Becuase i dont have any other good flying hybrid besides zalmonodon.

For your lineup it would be better to have 2 at 20, having 1 at 30 will unbalance it.

You mean for metraiphodon?

Yes metriaphodon, having multiple copies at 20 would be better

metriaphodon is expensive and at level 20 it take down any amphibians…

Ok. thanks for the help guys!! One more level 20 metraiphodon will be my next project then

Good choice, metriaphodons the best ptera hybrid imo

definitely, not sure why I went for Zalmonodon. Maybe just to unlock more creatures but metraiphodon is super strong.

zalmonodon is ok as a tank as well as tupuxuara, tape, ornithocheirus … any of them need 3 hits in a row of gorgosuchus lv 40 to die.

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I will get zalm and quetz because I love the designs but most of my dna will be going to metriaphodon it’s just much more useful in battle.

Yeah I quit for like 2 years so I only have about one year of play time so far. So i only have one maxed out tournement creature and I dont think I have any of those creatures youve mentioned unlocked. Its ok though since I could just get a bunch of one dino

Theres not really been a hybrid released recently that’s topped some of the older ones in ferocity/cost so I think your all good, I wish I could get gorgo seen as the lack of amphibians and hes so cheap but missed out on that tournament.

While pteraquetzal is pretty much the ptera gorgo with similar ferocity it’s quite a bit dearer.