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Max Paddock Percantage (Theoretical)

The maximum paddock percentage for carnivores and amphibians is 1044%. This is, however, only theoretical and is not possible to be achieved in-game (unless you’re a hacker). The Gold squares represent Clock Towers (32 in total). The Brown squares represent Haast Statues (28 in total). The purple ones represent the 7 ranged Boss Statues (36 in total). The red square in the middle is your dinosaur.

If you somehow glitched the game and got 12 max Indoraptors, you can get 141,976,211 (rounded) coins from one click. Exact number is 141,976,211.52.

Pterosaurs and Herbivores (1128%):


Images updated.

Here is another way to get to 1044, using less hacked boss statues:

Here is an example of how to get to 784 with just Hammonds, clock towers, and 4 boss statues. You could swap out any Hammonds with 6 throw 10% statues and pick up 4% for each one you change out:

For 5x5 paddocks I was able to get to a theoretical max of 1128:

And again with just Hammonds, clock towers, and four boss statues 860:


Miscalculated on the 5x5 paddock. Thanks for correcting me.

I have 864% on my Herb with just Clock Towers and JH.

I have it surrounded with 40x Clock Towers (And a road on one side to make it 5x6.)

Than JH on a 9x9 (9+9+7+7 for 32 JH all the way around)

I have a funny bump, if you add road to make the dino 6x6, you’ll get the same thing in a perfect square.

Edit: are JH +6% or +7%?

6% for JH statues.
40 clock towers = 640%
32 JH Statues = 192%
Total = 832%

If you add the road it will look more symmetrical with the decorations being a perfect square but you do limit the sides you would be able to put boss statues on as two sides would be more than a seven reach.

Edit: correction for 7% on the Hammond
40 clock towers = 640%
32 JH Statues = 224%
Total = 864%

I saw an old post where someone was able to buy boss statues with DB after you’re at the max level. Is this still going on?

No it was a glitch for a short time, and I don’t think I have seen it on the 7 square boss statues.

Is my game glitched?

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Nope my brain is, it is 7% which obviously throws my math off above.

I was able to get 600% by rearranging my coin trap a bit based on the pictures by @Sionsith. I need more clocktowers to up my percentage, but I’ll wait until I see them in the trade harbor for DNA or LPs. What are boss statues? I don’t see any 2x2 decorations with a throw of 7.

Squeezed an extra 6% by switching a couple of Hammond’s to sundials.

This is the only boss statue I am aware of that has a 7 square reach:

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Ok, thanks, I think this was before I started playing or realized how valuable certain statues are.

@Sionsith would it be best for me to just make rows of dinos butted against each other and put three rows of Hammond’s between the rows with my main coin producing dinos in towards the middle. Off set the Carnivore/Amphibian paddocks by one so more Hammond’s can reach them. I believe the middle Carnivore/Amphibian paddocks could have 27 Hammond’s on each side reach them (2727=378%). The benefit to this is I can fit more dinos to produce coins this way.

Or should I put 3 rows of Hammond’s going in a cross cross pattern between every paddock. This would take up a lot more room, make it harder to organize because of the different size paddocks, but would give a higher percentage (I’m thinking (2447=672% for Carnivore/Amphibian). It would also cost a lot more coins and time to set up because it would be A LOT of Hammond’s. Because of the space requirements, I’m thinking I would have to limit it to my higher earning dinos. I’m just trying to get some thoughts on this before I start spending a bunch on Hammond’s. Thanks for any input you can provide.

Maximum paddock percentage without special buildings is 528%.

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I use rows. A dino, 2 rows of Park Oasis and the occasional John Hammond in the corner so it reaches more than 1 creature.

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I went rows of two decorations on mine, mostly because it is the best way to utilize clock towers with their reach. Depending on your long term goals if you want to future proof set up with the decorations you plan on getting in the future but using Hammonds in the meantime.

Depending on how many paddocks you have that produce good amount of coins you could go either way, you could do a mixture of both. It does take a long time to organize your park so depending on how much or how often you want to do so keep that in mind also.

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Thanks, I’ll have to look at how many fairly good coin producing paddocks I have and go from there.

By the way, I’m sure you knew, but my calculation was off on tht criss cross because I double counted the Hammond’s used in the other direction. It would be ((2427)+(627)=420%, not a great benefit over 378% because of the amount of space it would take up. Seeing this now, probably going to do the rows. I’ll replace Hammond’s with clocktowers as I get them and eventually will have to remove a row. Seeing as that would be a lot of clocktowers though, I’m sure it’s fairly far in the future.

Since Oasis only reaches 3, the max percentage is 200% (not counting Hammond’s or doing a cross cross pattern). I think the Hammond’s will benefit me more since it’s almost double that. It is A LOT of Hammond’s, so i might have to substitute in Oasis for the time being.

Edit: speaking about 4x4 paddocks