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Max Paddock Percantage (Theoretical)

All the Oasis+Hammonds are about 60 million coins. 2 rows of oasis for 4x4, one row of Hammonds, and Apatosaurus Fossils to substitute in the corners for Hammond for extra boost.


I was wrong. Exact amount is 40,787,000.

Sorry, I meant max was 200% for doing a row of dinos with two rows of Oasis between them, not just one coin trap.

I know I have some clocktowers in here, but you should be able to squeeze a little more percentage out of your coin trap if you off set two opposite sides and switch the AF back to Hammond’s (see my pic in the above post or Sionsith’s diagram minus the boss statues). I believe you would gain an additional 28%.

Edit: nevermind, Oasis only has 3 reach, so it wouldn’t reach. If you had 8 2x2 decorations that reach 4 like the sundial it would work.