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Max scent capsules

Can you win a 3rd scent capsule from the strike tower if you already have 2 (normal) in your backpack? And how come you can buy a 5 pack in store if max is 2?

The capsule from strike tower differs from the common ones you have. This one last 20min. And there’s no limit as to how many capsules you intend to buy from the store. They like it when you decide to open your wallet

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The limits on the capsules are “soft limits” meaning that if you buy a pack of 5 you’ll have 5/2. Otherwise you are limited to collecting 2 common capsules.

Thanx guys, the 3rd one from the tower didn’t register. Good to know about the store ones…

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Sorry to resuscitate this thread, but I was making a new thread about it just to confirm this:

I confirm the 3rd big common scent earned from a SE hasn’t been counted and I lost it… :sob: I was in a hurry and haven’t use all the scents before to do the SE, but it was noon and the event about to expire whiel I prefer to use those scents in the evening / night to hunt v-raptors and caprosuco…