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Max Tarbo. Thor?


Maxed dna on my first creature today:

Once I finish Rinex to L30 (340/750) I’m gonna start working on Thor:

It may never make the team, but it’ll be cool to have. Maybe one day teams will go to 12, and I can gladly welcome him.
I’d like to hear some personal stories about YOUR Thor.
Is it good? Do you like it? How do you use it? Any cool battle stories and/or vids?


Love my Thor and wouldn’t trade it out for anything. I’m up to a 28 and he has downfalls and lots of counters, but can one or two shot many with instant charge.

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Sometimes you don’t crit and lose to the first Dino, other times he can get you up 2-0 in two turns


I still need to get tarbo up to 20 to start fusing my God Of Thunder. It’s a grind, especially since only me and my brother (and alt account but I hardly use it) are the only ones on the team.

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You’re crazy if you don’t think it’ll make your team. It’s my favourite of all dinosaurs. Even if it doesn’t crit, it’s devastating. IC is always a mind game. If an opponent indo assumes you’ll use it they’ll go evasive, and you can get in a free rampage. Even if they dodge you can get in your charge next turn.

Tarbo is the only thing holding back my thor, and it’s at 27. I plan on it being my first level 30.


My team is done lol. All I have to do is max their levels. I like the creatures I use, and can’t see taking any out.
Once I can get Thor up to 28ish, it may find its way in for fun once in a while. The only way it gets a permanent spot is if the teams ever increases to 12, though.


I have no idea why my reply got hidden, but it’ll be here eventually :upside_down_face:

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Mine is a Bipolar trouble maker.

I got 18 10s in a row when creating her. Then when I finally get her, she doesn’t make an appearance for over an hour of intense battling. When she finally does, she doesn’t crit or stun. She only crit once in the five battles after and stunned twice.

It got better though, she crits closer to her 40% chance. I’ll have days though (when my rng is particularly bad) when she’ll go 5,6, 7 matches without a crit. Then there will be other days when she crits nearly every attack.

Then there are those days where she just destroys the opponents team or finishes a match with no health. Then I’m proud of her until she changes her mind again. Lol

I love my Thor to death, but she acts like a typical female. Lol


Want. I want.


I like my thor. Strangely, he has performed better than my rinex. I use him like i used to use tryo: kill wounded opponent dino and then have ds rampage and IC for the next dino. And also, i do think Thor deserves a spot in your team, when properly levelled. If you are still in doubt: have a look in the top 10 leaderboard. They all have Thor. Good luck, Pal. Btw, are you still using your megalosuchus? Was wondering how he does at your trophy level. Thanks

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She does alright. It’s about timing, now more than ever. There’s a lot of big attacks to deal with, and stunning isn’t kind to her. But she still allows me to spread damage when/where I want, get a revenge kill here and there, sneak attack on a dying creature… the usual.
And she’s never coming out of my team. Ever :grimacing:

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It kills rats… need anything else?? If hes in the mood and crit/rng is on your side, it can sweep teams. Even when distracted manages to two hit diloran more often than not.


With the DC play being a thing at most levels of competition it’s a special dino in many ways. There’s a reason it’s on so many top teams right now and it’s not because it makes a good pet.