Max trophy limit should be 8000

No offense to the really top tier people, because they have clearly earnt the trophies they have. I’m just saying it’s a bit ridiculous that the final reward is at 8k trophies, yet on the leaderboard you see people with almost double that amount and there really isn’t any point to it, except accomplishment of being so high I guess? I’d think once you reach 8k you should only be versing AI’s because there are people who probably need the reward at 8k, but are being stopped by other’s who have OP teams with 8k+ trophies. I’m currently at 5889 trophies and am really close to Nublar shores and with what Ludia did to battles in Nublar shores where someone at 6000 trophies can be paired with the ranked 1 person, I just really don’t want my first battle to be against someone who is insanely OP. I hope people don’t take offense to this and can see where I am coming from.

If everyone at the top has 8000, who wins?
Some actually like to play the game competitively.
It’s not about the prize at all.


The first person to reach 8000? I just don’t want to be facing people with 16k trophies, when I would only have 6k :cry: or at least Ludia fix matchmaking, I’m just not sure what the point is to beat up on lower levels to be “competitive” and have insanely high amounts of trophies.

If there’s a cap, they push everybody else down while they camp wherever they are. Nobody will progress any more. So, no thanks.

The results of the match up don’t change if he has 8k or 16k so I don’t really see the point of a cap.

As far as the competitive aspects of the current system… this isn’t a ladder based competition anymore. This is who can play the most matches against people who stand no chance. We’ve literally gone full circle all the way back to season 2. Except instead of the top taking trophies away from ai it’s player who can be as much as 10k trophies lower then them. Which is beyond dumb.


i think i lost the point where throphies changed.
i remember months ago top players (when idgt902 was almost every season the winner) trophies were about 6k or a little more than that.

when this changed and why? :scream:

I really understand the feeling of this topic. but Cap it at 8k won’t change anything and the top 10k ppl are playing to have fun and battle each other (on tops).
The problem is the matchmaking itself that match the much lower trophies players with the top players.
Make it a cycle within 2000 trophies range and its more balanced imo.

(Make it 2000 range cos if 1000 tier then it will be just few ppl battling each other all days until new players joining the range LOL)

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It’s reachable and we get to match “real players” easier. Previous seasons we struggle to find a single player. The wait time was hours… so that’s why the progress was limited.

I was actually saying once you reach 8k, you can only play AI battles after that so you can still get your daily incs and all that, but I guess some of you guys want to play against each other every now and then, so I dunno. :man_shrugging:

definitely. We don’t look for rewards or incubators. We want to battle each other.
Lets say we didn’t hunt so hard day - nights and pay this much to reach our levels just to fight A.I.

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Fair enough

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so top player now battle each other? i thought it was already this way when all of you was near 6k.

mmmm, maybe with top players unlimited now don’t push lower level players down, and we have arena less condensed.

but do we still have trophies reset to around 5~6k again at the end of a season? :see_no_evil:

Any players in shores can be matched up including someone at 6k and someone at 16k.

So the top players are getting matches with people in the bottom of shores. So it’s possible for them to gain significantly more trophies since they can battle constantly and get a large amount of favorable match ups.

…which is probably about as much fun as fighting the AI on one side, and really not fun for the person on the losing side.

The simple solution would be to add some brackets 6500, 7000, 7500, 8000 (and sure enough, give us incentive to climb there while at it)… and let say “for now” you stop at 10000, then all those about 10K get a shorter timer before they get the AI. That won’t happen because Ludia want us to have a hard time so we’re tempted to spend money, but hey, somebody can dream. We’ve been told that top players were tired of waiting for a match (so Ludia’s solution was to make it easy for them to stump lower 6000 players, but currently most players are tired of waiting to WIN a match…

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but we still have that auto generated A.I. (and gain trophies if winning) after loosing 2 consecutive battles, right?

… i am curious what would happen if ludia sometime decides to reset trophies for all gamebase, lol. suddenly, everybody is now 60 trophies. so newbie could battle apex predators members.

jokes aside, we should have simple trophies matchmaker again. and some incentive to climb, to help avoid arena dropping. this team score matchmaker is a nightmare: last week it happened again, i upgraded 4 dinos of my team and matchmaker imediately set stronger opponents, so i have the same trophies. weeks collecting dna was for nothing.

the only way of being somehow competitive is playing insanely (many hours a day) or paying the money… or both. otherwise is better to play AR with my dinos, or having fun with lvl 26 tournaments.

The mods closed the other recent topic that deals more directly with the current matchmaking in Shores, so I’ll comment here.

My season high of 6070 is still top 300, and I finished last season at 6500, but I’ll be spending most of this season in Gyro - and so will a lot of other players with teams similar to mine - because of the absurdity of the new matchmaking. For the second day in a row, I sneaked into Shores only to be immediately matched with a top player (#1 player yesterday, #4 player today).

Capping trophies clearly won’t address the core problem, but a cap might discourage the top players from grinding easy battles against mostly lower level players. Limiting matches in Shores to, say, a 300 trophy difference for those near 6000 might work to retain some sense of competitiveness, but that won’t address the problem of the top players not being able to find battles.

Another option would be to subtract 0 trophies for a loss to a player a certain number of trophies ahead.

I don’t really have a good answer here, but basically the programmers need to decide if the new matchmaking, which will increasingly drive strong-but-not-top-tier players away from the game, is better than the former matchmaking. I can’t expect the top players to limit their battling – they’re playing the game that Ludia has given them – but this pattern of punching down battle after battle is going to be terrible for the game in the long run.

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I’ve just had the same experience…currently in Gyro and minute I climb above 6000, I’m matched and crushed by top 20 players. I’m currently ‘ranked’ around 140 with 6160 trophies but the disparity between the Top 20-25 and rest of Nublar is beyond ridiculous. The matchmaking continues to be broken and that’s the straw that broke the camels back for me. The mods and devs don’t seem to want to address the issue so I’m canceling VIP as a result. They fix the problem, I’ll reactivate VIP but I’m not paying to be cannon fodder for whales in this game.


See the problem is lack of people who are able to be competitive to the top players.

Ludias current solution let them fight more people and some of the player base solution limit the people these people can fight against by new arenas or tighter match making. Don’t actually address the above issue.

The only solution that works is getting the people closest to them more able to compete.

One way to tackle this in the current match making system is to give a special incubator when breaking into shores. Something like some guaranteed rhino dna and some extra boosts. Allow a certain amount of these incubators to be earned per season.

Along with this changes to the gyro and shores incubators to make them more lucrative but make shores significantly better then gyros…

Your gonna ask people to be lambs… atleast make sure it is worth their time to be lambs.

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The problem is by appeasing the whales by increasing player pool, it’s pushing normally higher ranked (and powerful) teams into gyro…who in turn are crushing those players in Gyro…and this repeats downward. Longer term, there will be less people even left in Nublar for the whales to even play…so it doesn’t seem to have been a well thought out solution and was something implemented to appease the whales and lack of players they could battle.

This is going to discourage quite a few people from playing. I’ve had issues with many things during this game (overpowered Stego, Dracorat, etc) and always battled through those. But this is first time I’m thinking of just putting down the game for good.

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