Maxed DNA Production Site!


Never thought I’d see the end!


Welcome to the club.


Ditto!! Congrats

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Congrats, still earning 500 DNA every hour, but not to worried. That’s basically 1,000 DNA a day if I time it right.

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It certainly helps! Those VIP daily missions are good for dna too. I knew they were there but I didn’t start playing them until late in the game

Congratulations on that accomplishment, @Trexy!! :raised_hands:

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How long did it take to get there? I know it’s a long, long time but curious just HOW long.

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It took me ~8 months if I remember correctly.


It took me about a year an a half. Probably closer to 20 months. I wasn’t as diligent as I could have been.

There was a point where I screwed up my game by evolving my indominus rex’s far beyond my other dinosaurs. All the battles became way to hard and I lost interest in the game for a few months.

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Wow, that’s definitely quite a range. 8 months doesn’t sound too bad though, I’m pretty diligent at least at the moment about logging in regularly during the day to do maintenance stuff so should be closer to that.

Surprisingly I don’t remember… I’m usually really good with dates but the DNA :dna: Production facility upgrades weren’t that significant for me. It was cool and all but just business as usual by the time I hit the max upgrade.

I was incorrect with my previous time line, clearly my memory is going, the good news is I made a post when I completed it. It took me 417 days apparently… DNA Building Upgrade


Ah okay, yeah that’s the post I remember seeing now that made me realize it was going to take a LONG, long time to max it out. It’s got to be up there with one of the hardest accomplishments in the game. :slight_smile: But yeah, like Dan said, by the time you get it done, it isn’t quite so important.

I sure wish the food facility kept going much much further too!

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