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Maxed Heros (Almost)

My hero’s are maxed!!! Well, all but Pikel :grinning:

Today’s update is forcing this post sooner than I’d like, but been grinding towards maxing all heros for awhile now. The new hero’s always seem to set me back and I would have been done months ago if not for Joppa and Pikel.

But since the update resetting levels is coming today, just wanted to recognize that I maxed my entire team hero levels except for Pikel. Sigh, one to two more weeks and I would have been fully maxed.

Hope the new update is great and breathes new life into the game. Happy gaming all!

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Me, too. Almost!
All the Legendaries are Maxed.
The others are almost.

I’ve been exhausted for months, and eventually Ludia pulled the trigger. I was burnt out.
I’ve almost given up leveling since last week.

I was frustrated that I had to fight a lv 30 bot after the next update. They’ve got an excuse to stay out of balance for the next few years. lol

Good luck, Warriors!


Gratz guys amazing work!