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Maxed Out Equipment

Just got good rolls on two consecutive runs through Heartcoil Deeps to get rewarded with 14 and 6 Epic equipment cards. Awesome!!! Except…they went to a character with his Epic equipment at maximum so they were flushed down the drain.

This needs to be fixed. First of all, don’t allow a maxed out piece of equipment to be an eligible target for a reward roll. Second, we need to be able to trade the excess equipment cards we now have either for something for the same character or equipment for another character or just straight gold/gems.

Please fix this ASAP. Sucks to get cheated.

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In CLASH ROYALE max cards instantly turn to gold.


Now that the roll out is complete any chance of Support tackling this problem? The Guilds help a little but just like selling to Durnan it still requires random luck to have the opportunity to unload excess equipment. Not to mention it doesn’t do anything for Epics and I now have over 3,000 (?!?!?!?) excess Epics. What is going to be done to fix this?

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That sucks for the players that have been playing for a long time there should be no max the only thing that would happen is the epic would eventually have more ac then the legendary so which do you want more ac or more abilities at a certain point just make upgrading epic a standard amount of points items should never have a max it’s half of the game same with rare for that matter

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Yes it is a quirk of the system that I basically am not using any of my Legendary items because they are so slow to advance and therefore even my common items provide better stats when equipped.

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