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Maxed Paddocks

What dinosaurs are good to max out their paddocks? I’m an intermediate player and I have seen many endgame players having several duplicates of dinosaurs for PvE.
My best dinosaurs are currently
Level 40 Zalmoxes
Level 40 Yutyrannus
Level 40 Metriacanthosaurus
Level 20 Mastodonsaurus
Level 40 Metrialong
2 Level 30 Carnoraptors

For me one of my long time goals was from the beginning that I want to max out every paddock that I can without taking into account if it is of great use for PvEs or PvPs. I almost never sell dinos before I maxed them out.
That is special and not very effective but it’s the way I want to play.
At the moment I’m on the verge of maxing out my first legendary.


All of them - gotta max everything out to complete everything in order to beat the game.

I have everything maxed out except for the Gen 2’s that aren’t unlocked yet, the Leedsichthys (not unlocked), the Spinotasuchus (Level 30) and the Tapejalocephalus (Level 30).

The AI are definitely more challenging, but I can still complete the majority of the events without having the buy back creatures from their cool downs.

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I dont know if maximalize every paddock is worth it. But I have mine future plans:
I want Create at last 3 same creatures in every tier and type, My reasons are two: Simply favorite. (ex: Yutyrannus isnt so much strong, but I love him, so I will make 3x level 40 Yutyrannus for events, tournaments etc.)
2. Reason: Some solid strong creatures are few count in their types. (Ex. Only really good strong pterosaur is Metriaphodon and in his ferocity isnt any other, that could be a problem in battles, thats why i will make 3x level 40 Metriphodon, if not even more, that will depends on situation…)
At the end, the goal is to have enough good creatures in every type

It depends on what your long term goals are. @Tommi and @DantheMan have given you two different thoughts on maxing creatures. @Lucky14 has given you an example of amounts to be competitive for different events.

Truly just depends on how you want to play and what your goals are for the game.


In terms of how I spend DNA, I look primarily at which creatures I own can be leveled up the most in the future. I’ll eventually go back and try to fill out paddocks but I’m a long way from that point still, so as I progressed through making new hybrids, I only spent DNA on the ones that had the most space to go higher. That gives you the best bang for your buck. But I’ll hatch out pretty much everything else that I get in the game… so I have about half of my common paddocks maxed out now, and starting to get there on some of the rares. I am also at a point where I have enough of a lot of creatures for anything the game throws at me that I don’t level them up until my paddock is filled or close to it, as this greatly improves the DNA rewards from the Code 19s (when we have those to do!) Anything that is good for tournaments I often don’t level up until I have quite a few of, like lvl 20 VIPs, lvl 20 Diplosuchus and lvl 10 of the other super hybrids, etc. You’ll find that leaving these at that level and letting the numbers grow will give you a lot of flexibility in completing tournaments on your own timetable. As I find I have dinos left that I’m not even using in tournaments, I then start moving them up to higher levels.

You also need to be sure to be adding creatures that balance out whatever your top creatures are. So for instance, once a player is adding Indoraptors, the most powerful creature in the game by far, you need creatures at corresponding ferocity to handle the PvEs that you will get as a result. Since the Indo is most challenged against amphibians, that’s why you will often see players at that level with lots of Metriaphodons. But they’ll also often have a bunch of Gorgosuchus (top amphibian in the game) and Segnosuchus (top herbivore hybrid). You would want to constantly evaluate your own teams and adjust what you are adding to both slowly progress your top further, while keeping it in balance in terms of the ferocity and the classes you have.

It all depends on if your goals are more as a collector, or to compete in events and tournaments successfully. But you can of course do both as well, I just put my emphasis more on the former as my focus initially.


@Tommi always has the best plans… I’m also a collector though. Have only really ever spent DNA on hybrids. And not much on those. Just like collecting and so I hatch what the game gives me for the most part. All commons maxed, all but one rare… And nearing my first legendary as well!! Use these a ton in tournaments.