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Maxima counters

So far Maxima has proven to be the king of the arena as it once was in 1.9 and so to help lower or high level players here Isa list counters for maxima

So far there are only 3 that can kill it in a 1v1…

  1. Thylacotator

  2. Marsupial lion

  3. Alloraptor

If anyone had got any others leave them down below


nah. doesn’t have enough damage. it’s 150 short.

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I’m Surprised the pounce still does some serious damage

Maxima’s slight armor stat is what prevents her from doing enough.

Ya although can it beat tryko?

possibly. it’s 1550 attack for tryko right?
yeah pretty sure she can.

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But still two counters! Like come on and not only that but they’re both now hard to level up.

True but maybe the 30% armor negates it

But alloraptor has rendign take down isn’t?

going back over it, I may have mathed wrong. i think she does again.

Any LW user (Including even Suchomimus) lefts her with <2/3 HP. It isn’t hard to finish her off

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Unlike former Indo G2 problem, Maxima doesn’t need many 1v1 counters. She’s very slow and able to be revenge killed

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I was dumb. Allorap is back to being a Maxima counter, though left with almost no hp.


Maxima has 50% rend resist, I’m pretty sure. I was going to use thyla on mammo and then I see it 80% resist,

nope. no rend resist.

Pffft ya until you add boosts

Plus bleeders (besides thyla) are really use for relevant in the meta

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But like the only ones are the spinos (suchotator, suchotator, spino 1 and 2, and sarco) most others have been nerfed or stripped of it

So yes on it being a counter?

yep. she is.