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Maxima is the most broken dino in 2.0

So, now that the update is live, we see that greater thag is 2x damage. That is insane considering that maxima has 1.3k damage along 30% crit. Also a rampage that beats other resilient dinos. Literally the only dinos that can beat it are Thyla and Mortem rex.


Should have just given it a different AOE slow that does 1.5.

Don’t forget about that Priority Invincibility that lasts for 2 turns. Erlidominus, Indoraptor, Indoraptor G2, Erlikospyx, Dracoceratosaurus, Mammolania, none of them can touch it while that shield is up.

I’ve literally swept team after team in Aviary and Library with my unboosted level 26 Maxima.

To be fair though, they insist on using Thor, Indoraptor and Procerathomimus, which are all not very good. I don’t know why they just threw their boosts back on the same dinos.


Actually, it has more counters than before. Just use bleeders. While your bleeder will probably die, Maxima will die with him.


Though I agree it needs some small nerf. Maybe just HP down back to 5400 or a DMG nerf

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Not really. Maxima will use GT to outspeed it, and then TSR to take it out. It’ll still be alive with a third of its health left.

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And dead next turn, able only to do Resilient Strike

Which is 1300 damage, and leaves whatever dino was on the receiving end vulnerable.
It might even swap out to something else, like a Counter-attacker so you don’t get the takedown.

But most of times it won’t even get a chance to use that RS. Doing ~2000 damage (or even less, take wound’s base damage into consideration too) isn’t challenging

My daryx and vexus made short work of it

As of now people struggle with Maxima because they don’t use bleeders, thinking they are still useless. But it will change soon, probably

Hmm my bet is it just needs a small DMG nerf and maybe armor down to 10%

It does depend on the scenario. Revenge-killers like Erlidominus and Erlikospyx stand zero chance against the likes of Gemini, Dio, Tryko, Lania and Maxima, so running them is somewhat risky.

But bleeders are definitely the way to go. I even managed to successfully use my level 15 Dimodactylus against one of the boosted monsters in Library. Unfortunately, with Swooping there will be collateral damage.

Spinonyx is a good bleeder for ending the matchups with a draw.

Indeed, the issue with It is that It has way too much damage. The bulk itself is fine, especially now that It is supposed to be a taunter in raids, but the damage It has is problematic.

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I’m sorry I accidently hit the flag button here… damn

Anyways, it’s not so simple as to use a bleeder… Maxima can always swap out to immunes like Magna or Erlido, or maybe the old Ratrategy… Maxima really is worse than ever even with more counters… I will never understand some changes these people do… why tha hell boost its HP and give it two freaking rampages?? It was already OP before. It didn’t need all that even after losing DoT immunity…


I would agree that there are a set of dinos which are very much overpowering and Maxima is one of them. After doing many battles to try and get my 2.0 team together i think it really comes down to that the classes counter each other and if you have something of the wrong class against something like Maxima it will get destroyed.

However, Maxima is not fitting to its class with the damage it does, the same could be said about it before 2.0 as well though. No other bulk shielding tank can dish out this sort of chomper damage, which is where Maxima is sitting. Making its damage output way way out of range of any similar tank.


And also Instant Inv. now shields for 2 turns !

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Yep… Anything that doesn’t bleed or break/nullify shields is in a huge disadvantage. Except maybe Lania

They fixed Gemini’s “OPness”… and gave it to Maxima, which is way easier to make and level up… Go figure…

Since Maxima can be Invincible for 2 turns whenever it wants to, Lania probably won’t do very well against it.