Maxima, Maxima, Maxima... Maxima everywhere

Well, they did it again. Another OP creature that everyone went after, as expected. I’ve lost count of how many battles in a row I had in Gyrosphere and upper Library, all of them against opponents starting with Maxima. And if its level and boosts are high enough there’s simply nothing you can do against it depending on your team selection. That combined with the occasional rat and Thor that seems to never get old, update comes update goes… And we have ourselves a whole new soup of BS.

This ain’t a “nerf thread”, just to be clear… Just a “please make things more balanced” thread.


I have no area 1 around me a 40 minute drive to get to one. So I’m jealous of the big maxima. Mine is only lvl 23 and it serves its purpose.

I love that brachi a iconic dino from jp1 could make something so devastating tbh. From what I see in lower library it’s a setup fodder at times and I’m unboosted.

So I would rather fight maxima then fight Thor, dracorat, and proceRat as of now.


I’d rather face Maxima than one of the unbeatable rats, but at the same level and boosts, Maxima is WAY stronger and more useful than these three (and that is saying something)

Mascot repellent xD oh I get what you’re saying though. But it’s hard to have one at such level at least. Those 3 are casual at high levels lol

True… for now… But still, I already fight things like this occasionally

That was a 3-0. Nothing I could do…


Our queen ( Holland ) is called Maxima, that says it all I guess :wink:


Shes my favorite dinosaur so happy that Brachi got an awesome unique.



It is allergic to rat boost mascots xD


Wow 8k health all I can say right now is I wish I could have a lvl 28 oooof. Maxima is our god right now.

Yeah its very strong, no doubts about it, but like mentionned before, its not really a “team” player but a very good duelist. Sure it will win that initial fight, but usually ends up being setup fodder for the next dino that comes in.


Nice :slight_smile: So True

Facing beast maxima is still better than facing 152 speed level 30 1900+ attack Magna and then 143 speed Thor …

Nothing I could do against that Magna especially


And she’s from Argentina. Coincidence?

:scream: It’s a conspiracy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


stop focusing on DC
The top problem come from immune creatures actually.
And STRONGLY with the top 4:

Even if you remove the immunity from these 4,i bet they will stay tyrant


In this particular case and only in this.Don’t blame the Maximus,blame someone else…the player…maybe…Boost…probably…the Company…yup.

i have a 28 level Maximus with 7k hp, 1400 Dmg and 108 speed…so something else is wrong here.You could have beat me easily.(The player decided to spent money)
In your case,if you drop 2-3k $ you will see how much easier everything will be.And thats it what the Company wants…and thats what some naive or rich players did.

On topic:
Maximus needs a small nerf(balance) BUT Thors-Rats-Procerats and Boosts first.

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we’ve waited along time for a good unique sauropod so im sure alot of players will gravitate towards it. maybe we will get a stego one at some point. its a great dino but at equal level teams its not hard to deal with.


Maybe, just maybe, someone, somewhere can tell me why Maxima got a health buff on the last update?
I’ve yet to see anyone including youtubers who can understand why this was done.
This was on par with giving Thor and the rat an attack buff with the update before the last one.


Maxima is balanced but powerful, and now people are using it. It brought diversity to the arena. Isn’t this what we wanted?


I’m in the lower library and haven’t seen too many Maxima, yet. :thinking:

I’ve had a lot of Magna battles, however. Almost every match I was up against Magna. :sweat_smile: