Maxima, Maxima, Maxima... Maxima everywhere

The thing really is a beast. Meanwhile, I’m over here trying to get anything but 10s on my fuses like


The Thor and rat buff was justified by the crit nerf and swap in ability nerf respectively. Though i don’t know why maxima got that hp buff either, it’s not like It needed It. I’m not complaining unless they use It as an excuse to nerf It to an state worse than what It was in 1.9.

Why not?


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Gemini would If It got the old stats back. But the other 3 most definitely not. I wouldn’t agree with them losing immunity, it’s not what i invested on.

Maybe so It can be better at countering indo and indo gen2? All the other matchups don’t change much even with 300 more hp. The ones maxima already won didn’t change and the ones It lost or almost lost stay roughly the same. Most of the close ones depend on crits on both sides to decide the winner even after the hp buff. I think the only thing that beats maxima 100% of the time is gemini. Tryko can do It, magna has a chance If It crits twice. It actually was the same before.

Edit: I’m answering the why question not the why not, but i guess that’s obvious :laughing:

And that’s the mistake everyone makes. They lead with it. The right use is to bring it out later in the match when it’s much harder to deal with.


I make this mistake sometimes haha, though it can pay off If the opponent leads with rinex, utasino, bleeders or indo

My Maxima just swept a team away in the tournament: Thor, Indo G2, Indo G1 - and still had 3180 health left :smiling_imp:

:sauropod: :heart_eyes:


See the post above …

Use rending attacks to weaken them then bring out your revenge killers.

Not if Maxima still has HP high enough to withstand any other attack, like PQC pointed out. That thing was already a beast before the HP buff… what to say about it now…

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I am going back and forth between the library and the gyrosphere off and on - I see a Maxima maybe every 4/5 matches and it’s boosted to hell every time. My best bets in beating her has always been tricking her, bringing in Erlik, cloaking and then in the same move they use their instant shield, I switch to Thor (not using impact and run) and Thor usually eats her up quicker than she can be killed.

But, if I don’t have this option, she usually wins the battle.

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Yep, same here. I just made this topic because I had eight battles in a row with the opponent STARTING with it… There were actually many others, but some saved Maxima for last

I’m forced to start every battle prepared for Maxima now, cause if by any chance I start with a creature that is easily beaten by it (like Dilo, Indo or Uta), it’s probably over… Maxima can take it down and still be able to take a hit from my next creature…

add some beef… i have dioraj, tryko, max and monostego and ofc, magna, thor, rinex and erl for clean up.

i find myself opening more often with dioraj to chop down potential max openings. its a huge sauropod, not really meant to be taken out 1vs1.

once your gem is all grownup itll take it out.

Gem already takes out the lower level ones. I also use Dio, but still weak too. There’s no problem if my creature loses to it, the problem is losing without dealing enough damage for the next one to kill it… Which happens way more often than it should.


tryko would be better actually. i can still take a nice chunk if i use ferocious t1 with dio. hopefully i have enough hp for a second hit.

I know but I don’t have Tryko and won’t have anytime soon… hate that thing. Same as Thor… I’m praying for a good chomper with Allo2


carnotukus? indog2? even indomg2., purrutaurus

I’m not complaining that I’m losing to it. I was just pointing out this new “trend” of everyone using Maxima, and many in the same way… I can deal with it (depending on team selection, as I said) unless it’s a boosted high level freak like the one I posted… but that happens with other creatures too…

yup… its a great sauropod that everyone has been wanting… itll get used. im glad that they are adding to the pool of viable dinos.

i guess what im saying is that if you have the counters and have little trouble with it, then maybe you wouldnt have made this thread.

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