Maxima, Maxima, Maxima... Maxima everywhere

Ya I think at least Gemini should lose it immunity since it make no sense why it has it

I personally liked gemini better back when it could one shot 3k health dinos and wasnt immune lol. Now its basically just an ardentis with slightly diff moves


I wouldn’t say rarely… Maybe Maxima won’t sweep a whole team as often, but it can take out at least two many times… Dilo, Rinex, Utasino and Indos are most likely to be beaten without dealing enough damage for the next creature to take it down. Even Dio can be easily beaten if Maxima crits twice (or just once, depending on the level and boosts).

True, but it is also very easily set up on for a revenge kill by overboosted overleveled thors, which are much more common than maximas. Pretty much any fast shield breaker can set up on it fairly easily, assuming the first dino who fought it did a decent amount of damage.

When using non shield breakers to revenge kill it, its just mind games, gotta predict when itll use the shield

That’s true got Decimated by one in the tournament only was lucky to get my tryko in the end

But that’s what I’m saying, it ain’t that easy to deal a decent amount of damage. I face Maximas that even after suffering 3k damage still have around 4k left… even a Thor might not be able to take it down

Rip, guess I just haven’t gotten to a point where they are becoming that much of an annoyance yet. In my lower arena all the thors are a good 4+ levels above all the maximas lol

It’s not the definitive that is much, it’s just the stats. The definitive makes It special, It definitely should stay. For the stats i would go with 5700 hp, 1100 damage, 107 speed. The crit and armor remaining as It is.

It was like that for me too. Guess I’m starting to find the real monsters… If the Maximas are at level 27 and above and boosted, I’m screwed

Ya but it’s shouldn’t able to go through tanks like that like people have data mined that it will be change to be just like a nullify rampage so Idk which is honestly better

That’s why stego god got armor pierce taken away and it basically like that again but immune


Don’t feel too bad! You’re in good company :sweat_smile:

Also, We’ve seen dinos with the god complex before. Noone stays on top forever. It’s in Ludias best interest to buff/nerf uniques to keep the arena from getting stale. The players that will end up suffering are those they put all their eggs (boosts) in one basket, especially in the new system.

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Honestly that would be horrible, it would be worse than a nullify, and would make no sense for definitive moves. And where is this rule that It shouldn’t be able to go through tanks? The parent has this ability so It recievied It accordingly. It is most likely a typo. I would hate If It were true though.

Well stegod is made from 2 commons and one rare that are very easy to get. And even so it’s not a bad dino, but i don’t see why it could not have armor piercing rampage, specially with those big spikes on it’s tail :laughing:

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Well the reason was again nothin could stop it s a tank not a chompers not sayit couldn’t have it but it shouldn’t that why we have chompers to do that

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There job is to deal with speedsters and lower down chompers so why would they need armor piercing

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The reason stegod was the best dino in the game at the time was not because of armor piercing rampage though, it was mostly because of superiority strike.
Comparing stegod to maxima is not fair, the components are very different, both in terms of rarity and in terms of strenght. Besides, mixing a chomper with a tanky sauropod should allow this result in a unique hybrid such as maxima.

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But it is basically the same since back then some tanks were immune with out being immune thxs to superiority strike and it’s basically just a pre maxima before maxima existed and it not like the nerf destroyed it it still a powerful super hybrid just not op as it once was

I love my Maxine. 95% of the time getting her equals at least one take down toward my DBI. :grin:

So what? Should maxima be in the same level of strenght as stegod? If course not, the components justify the moves and immunity It has. In that regard It needs no changes. It is supposed to be better than stegod in every way If we compare their ingredients. And again, any adjustments should be done just with the stats, not the moves or immunity.