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Maxima, Maxima, Maxima... Maxima everywhere

i was glad to have my indoraptor2 at lvl 22 smashing many opponents at low library.

until start to face maximas…

at lvl 21 unboosted, maxima hurts more than my indo2.

well, its ages away for me to unlock it, but depending on my selected team, face one in arena is a “i lost already”.

people asked months for a good sauropod, then here it came.

and with 2 main moves with 1 turn cooldown, it’s predictable:
1.5x slowdown, 2x rampage, 1.5x slowdown, 2x rampage…

decelerating strike is useless. :roll_eyes:

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No, it is not useless.
If I have enough HP left and Decelerating Strike makes enough damage to kill opponent’s dino, I’ll keep Decelerating Impact for the next dino.


My fav too, but it will take me a while to get it in a good range though…the price on these boosts is way too high

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I had many boosts previously half of those went to Maxima :slight_smile:

What’s the level of the maximas they’ve been boosted through the roof, that’s majority of the time the problem not the Dino.


They are 29-30 and mightily boosted - but so is everything else in the arena …

mmmm, this situation i use to choose some move with more damage than 1x, because most of times my opponents swap dino to save that “almost dead” one. specially considering impact and rampage are always 1-turn countdown, and one of them will be always available.

Id rather have both big skills off of cooldown allowing me to be able to choose the best one for the next turn.


I agree. That’s why I said that I would use the basic move only when Maxima has enough HP to take a damage from the next coming up dino. If I can’t take any damage, then DI is better.

i use to make swappings sometimes, like:

opponent isn’t at dracobomb range. then i prevent a basic attack, and swap to a counter-attack dino, like tryko. and next i swap to draco and bye.
hihihi. when opponent prevents this instead, my tryko gets a higher damage.

And here is another Maxima I just fought. Well, with that health and attack, lost to … Before people ask, it was level 30 (health tier 13 and damage tier 8) … Now, tell me that’s easily beatable by a counter


This is good news. It shouldn’t have high crit and piercing

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But this is also a nerf to Brontolasmus. There are other ways to nerf op creatures like Maxima. An attack nerf so that it has more counters but doesn’t become useless, a health nerf so more things can kill it, etc. Why should we nerf other, balanced creatures, to nerf Maxima and Indo G2?


Becuz if one gets nerfed then they all get nerfed. It’s nerf or nothing


I’m guessing that’s Ludia Logic. Hey that sounds like a documentary title!

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Okay, playing advocate of the devil, but why nerf Máxima and not Draco?
Why nerf? There are a lot of battles that were little mindgames with her for me. I like that.

But maybe I’m just one of the happy few. :blush:


Good news? That’s catastrophic! I hope it’s a typo cause It’s simply nonsensical. It would be just a worse nullyfing rampage.


Right!? A simple nerf to either damage or hp would sufice( i like the 5700 hp with 1100 damage). Making such an awesome move useless is just hammering and unecessary. I would be very disappointed with such a change. Riot there would be.

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Or 5400 health but with 1200 attack! I think that’s a solid build

I still stand by my opinion that given it’s health, damage and kit, it should be immune to anything BUT bleed

Which would also give Pterovexus and Stygidaryx a higher relevance.

It having high damage, armor, crit, health, immune while crunching armors and shields, it literally doesn’t have a well-defined counter.

It needs one.

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