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Maxima, Maxima, Maxima... Maxima everywhere

i was glad to have my indoraptor2 at lvl 22 smashing many opponents at low library.

until start to face maximas…

at lvl 21 unboosted, maxima hurts more than my indo2.

well, its ages away for me to unlock it, but depending on my selected team, face one in arena is a “i lost already”.

people asked months for a good sauropod, then here it came.

and with 2 main moves with 1 turn cooldown, it’s predictable:
1.5x slowdown, 2x rampage, 1.5x slowdown, 2x rampage…

decelerating strike is useless. :roll_eyes:

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No, it is not useless.
If I have enough HP left and Decelerating Strike makes enough damage to kill opponent’s dino, I’ll keep Decelerating Impact for the next dino.


My fav too, but it will take me a while to get it in a good range though…the price on these boosts is way too high

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I had many boosts previously half of those went to Maxima :slight_smile:

What’s the level of the maximas they’ve been boosted through the roof, that’s majority of the time the problem not the Dino.

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They are 29-30 and mightily boosted - but so is everything else in the arena …