Maxima needs a change?

Maxima is an unique super hybrid from Brachio and Ardontosaur, some people think is on the top3 best dinos in the game because of this huge stats and great moves


HP : 5700
DMG : 1300
Speed : 108
Armor : 15%
Crit chance : 30%

Definite strike
Decelerating impact
Defense Shaterring Rampage
Instant Invicibility


So guys what do you think about him, he needs a nerf or should stay the same ?

  • He needs a nerf
  • He should stay the same

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I vote to stay the same. I almost have Maxima and do not need a preemptive shafting before I get Maxima.

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Anyone else notice this is just better ardonto


Maxima, most of the time, can take care of 1 creature and then dies on the first turn of the next opponent.
It is a great duelist indeed, but often becomes set-up material.
It definitely does not need a nerf.


I think with the last 2 changes done Maxima is fine. Even If It has the same kit as ardonto I think it’s reached perfection. Regarding the survey, I’m very glad the devs chose to make the kit like this, i would hate If It lost DSR. If they ever decide to nerf, i hope It’s just a slight stat nerf.

It literally just got changed… Like, this week! It’s fine as it is, leave it be


Maybe both the twin sauropods need to get vulnerable to bleeding. So to make some room for spino.

Maxima is great one on one but is actually a liability in a match.

It’s almost exclusively used as a lead … and, as mentioned above, will finish off one Dino. The problem is that it will typically be in one shot range of the revenge killer your opponent pulls up next (most frequently Thor or anything with speed up strike in my experience). This puts you at a huge disadvantage from there onwards because your 2nd Dino will almost always be walking into a rampage.

I like Max regardless … and depending on how you configure it, it can still be quite valuable depending on who else is on the squad.

[Also … it literally just got changed and is fine as is]


I’m still very salty about her loosing definite rampage I’d give her a slight HP nerf just for her to get back DR, infact


Decel strike
Decel impact
Definite rampage
Instant I

5500 HP
1250 DMG
30 crit
10 armor
108 SPD


I think Maxima has earned full immunity. But Gemini, well, It came from nowhere. I would argue that removing full immunity from gemini and giving It just a partial one, like immunity to distraction, then leaving everything else as It is would be an appropriate nerf for It. Gemini seems to currently be the true strongest dino in the game.


Agreed, i really liked that she definite rampage to differentiate from ardonto, though i would go a bit different on the stats, giving It 1100 damage and keeping 5700 hp.
But we know that Ludia has said very clearly from those options in the survey that it’s not gonna happen. With that in mind I’m satisfied with how It turned out, very glad she still has DSR, If she lost It for other rampage i would be pretty mad.

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I don’t use Maxima, but honestly… I see the majority of people starting with it and then what you said happens… It gives me way more headache as a finisher than as a starter… Unless of course it has its HP boosted up to the clouds so it still has around 4k+ HP after taking down a creature…

I feel definite rampage is too strong of a move on any dino immune to distraction. I still like the move, but it’s only limiting factor is distraction. (Ok stats as well)

Once one dino gets it, a lot of other creatures can get it. ( save for signature moves like CS, MF and Sv)

It’s something that has to be carefully balanced. And if they aren’t reducing stats of immune dinos, it’s really hard to keep that balance.


The nerf to Maxima was a MUST… maybe it didn’t have to lose Definite Rampage, but something had to be done…


Speaking of you Arnold lol. I think I just faced you today with that big bad utahsino lol. I had the unboosted lvl 24 nemys. Been testing the waters see if I like it. Hey you beat me though. That utahsino is a beast also. Good match.


Sometimes the Maxima is boosted so high that it kills one dino and puts a whopping thicc hit on your next dino aswell as slowing it xD

But I’m talking 8k-10k hp thicc maxima lol.

:joy: it can be a challenge when it’s achieved Max thiccness, that’s for sure :sweat_smile:

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Like this?
Sadly my Erlidom’s cloak failed, would have delivered a huge hit to it.


What I wanna know is why that team is still in the library with an Ardentis that powerful… Are the rest of their team level 21 with no boosts? For real, I see so many power houses in library and then the next team will be closer to mine.


What is that doing in the library??