Maxima Rework Proposal and Poll

Since some people have been recently proposing a rework to Maxima, I’ve decided to jump onto It as well. After the huge nerf, Maxima recieved a buff in HP, which was honestly the perfect amount. But i feel It still needs a bit more to be ideal. After discussing ideas on another thread, we have come up with this rework:
download (36)

The only change in stats are speed and armor. The previous 108 speed was fine, having 109 speed wasn’t really necessary. All the other stats are perfectly fine.
The little bit of armor from brachi should give a small advantage that maxima should have against speedsters.
The main change is the new move Taunt Definite Rampage, which is basically TSR with the definite effect. Definite Rampage used to be considered unbalanced when maxima was immune, but now without any resistance to distraction this ability wouldn’t be unbalanced. It gives an edge over dodgers without affecting any other matchups. The definite effect isn’t usually something that should be freely given away to creatures as in most cases It breaks the class system, but on Maxima’s case, that is a resilient-fierce creature the ability would make perfect sense as It combines elements of brachi’s resilient rampage with secodonto’s fierce rampage. The raid usability remains exactly the same as now too.
As a small compensation the swap prevention resistance was removed as i think maxima should be more vulnerable to no escape bleeders. All in all I’d say It is strong yet pretty balanced.

So what do you think about this proposal?

Would you like for this version of Maxima to be in the game?
  • Yeah
  • Nope
  • I’d prefer something else(comment)

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i would like 50 distract resist or at least some

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25-50%, ideally 25% since it has more hp then gem.

Actually it’s pretty good overall not sure about the damage , r those sats levelled at 26 ? If so then good to go .

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@Isaah_Wii, could you make one remake to gem ?

Yeah It’s all on level 26

I’m not really sure how to rework gemini to be completely honest, we went with making It a cunning resilient in the other thread, as It has a cunning parent. I’m not sure If It was balanced, but i guess i could give It a try, do you have any direction you’d like It to go in mind?

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If i give It distraction resistance i don’t think It would be balanced anymore with the definite effect on its rampage. What could be done is give It a bit of distraction resistance but then in turn keep TSR. I personally think maxima is fine without the distraction resistance though, It still has pretty good matchups with most speedsters without it.


Change it into wild card ? Since both parent of gem is cunning-resilient and resilient, but gems DSA makes her get some fierce role

None of them is actually fierce, which is funny since Ludia gave It a 2x damage shattering move lol
But i’ll see what i can come up with

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I’d rather it only have the armor but I suppose this is fine.

Having just the 10% armor would be fine as well, although i think this makes It more interesting and unique, and i think bleeders need an extra push so removing the swap prevention resistance helps that a little.

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50% distract resistance and then this would be perfect

I didn’t do It as i think It would be too much having a definite rampage ability with distraction resistance, that’s the reason Ludia removed definite rampage from maxima when It was immune, It would be too strong imo

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this kind of makes her too similar to Gem imo. but i do like the rework.

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Honestly i think gem should go on a slightly different direction as a definite ability fits maxima a bit more than gemini(Maxima is resilient-fierce after all). I don’t mind gemini as It is at all, i quite like its signature move, but i think It would be interesting If It had more cunning characteristics from its parent


I would like all three towers to have different roles and be different from one another. it’s just max and gem have been so similar to eachother for so long.


True, we’ve been trying to make reworks for gemini to have a different niche bit it’s actually quite tricky :laughing:
This is one concept we have come up with in the other thread:
download (34)
@Ozora_Nadhif @Qiew

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I think it’s Gemini that’s at fault here. I mean obviously it’s Ludia’s fault, but they just made Gem stronger by making it more like Maxima when it was OP, because apparently they couldn’t think of anything else.

I’d rather scrap DSA and give Gemini something more interesting, but after it being fierce for so long it would have to get a really cool ability for people to be happy with it. DSA is basically Shielded Definite Rampage. Personally, not a fan.

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I love it, but I prefer Maxima with TSR and 50% Distract Resistance