Maxima rework

I’m not quite sure how Maxima should be but he isn’t as good as he should be I think he should get his armor back and health keeping everything else the same aside from maybe taking some speed away


6k hp,34% resistance to distraction
In compensation,removal of swap resistance because it is a resilient,it shouldn’t be able to do that,loss of 1 speed point.

Give it 15% armor, nothing else.


Armor and MAYBE distraction res, honestly I think it’s fine rn

A really slight buff in survivability would be appreciable to give him a bit more sustain but he is really good actually.
Even if those who cry about taunting DSR getting 2 turn cooldown,it was a nice thing done by ludia.

A little something we came up with on another thread( If @Thylo_75 doesn’t mind me putting It here)

No change to stats except armor and speed, but It gains definite on its rampage. I think it’s pretty balanced now that maxima doesn’t have distraction resistance ( this version doesn’t have any either). The ability makes perfect sense on Maxima and would make It better against dodgers, other than that the matchups really don’t change much. And TSR already has a cooldown of 2 so :man_shrugging:


This one also removes swap prevention resistance, to help bleeders do better against it


True, forgot to mention that :laughing:

why not.
10% armor or 10% more hp is the same for me except in front of a chomper.

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Nope not at all; I feel like it would be the best buff to maxima without making it too strong

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And well, in theory chompers are supposed to win anyway, the armor at least gives an advantage over speedsters without having to make It too thicc for chompers


Thats right.
Agree with you,


I personally think it would be fine without having Definite rampage (specifically the dodge removal), just to give some cunnings a little bit of an advantage against it on certain turns. That said, if it’s shattering rampage is going to have a two-turn cooldown, I would prefer it to have the definite effect (because the taunt by itself doesn’t warrant it). And it does make sense from a game design standpoint to give a fierce-resilient hybrid a definite rampage. But the rest of it’s moves, stats, and resistances are :ok_hand:

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I would personally say Maxima should have distraction immunity because he’s supposed to be good against cunning creatures