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Maxima, the new monominus

You ask for it, you get it, I can’t wait to see maxima 2.3, with 4000hp, 900 attack and no more rampage.

Seriously, you just take off the distraction resistance and may be 300hp and it was fine.

You broke the Brachiosaurus uniq sadly.

And without touching magna, pho, tenonto ??

Well that’s fine, Gemini is here to take is place, but with a shielding precise shattering rampage ??? .

The legendary eagle looks nice.

PS : we ask once to undo a nerd before it happen, and it works, I think max need it at the moment.
Like we said 100 times on this forum.
Just take off the distraction resistance and some HP. Not everything.

We believe in you to do the right things Lydia.


the real problem is that a nerf, they do it in such a way that it leaves the creature very badly off, SMALL nerf is fine

but Maxima needed it, she was very OP, she could kill her counters, I like that she can be distracted, since cunning creatures can do better against her

SMILEING for nerfing the Maxima

The creature will end up like Tragod. A Legendary without a single Rampage move. Not even an Impact move! From a decent creature to just pure trash.

Tryo is another decent creature that has gone to waste.

Poor game management by the Dev.

I have just one more creature as my objective. Then, I’m practically done actively playing the game…

Luckily I didn’t put all my eggs in one basket and still distributed my boosts between both long necks looks like Gemini gonna be awesome again

You all need to relax. Max isn’t tyrant tier anymore. That’s it. It’s still pretty good, especially among uniques.


Biggest thing is that one of its biggest assets in raids was gutted. I was prepared to take an HP and possibly damage nerf, but now it can’t even one-shot minions? Yeah, that sucks.
But you say: “Just lose some boosts and replace it with Thor.”
Super-easy right? No, because then you also lose the damage-sink that Maxima provided. So Tenonto or Tuora need to be at least 6500 HP in order to make-up the difference. But wait! There’s More!
One of them would need to have boosted attack so as to heal 6500HP. Oof!
Well, maybe ditching Tryostronix in favor of Irritator so that the 1.5 boost can apply to every turn a heal needs to be used too?
Replacing Tenontorex with Diloracheirus in order to bring Morty’s damage down to negate the necessity of a damage-sink? It’s more than just Maxima players that will be forced to reshuffle boosts over this. THAT’s the problem I have with it.


Agreed. What they did wasn’t a nerf, that was hammering.


Magna doesn’t need a nerf, it’s balanced. Tenonto doesn’t feel unbalanced to me either. Phorusaura is another story, It may be relatively fine in the end game but it’s OP in legendary tournaments.


That’s not the point. It doesn’t need to be tyrant, but It didn’t need to be gutted either. I feel some people are underestimating how bad this nerf is. Not saying it’s complete trash but it isn’t really good, many cunning creatures can beat it, it’s just too squishy now. A smaller nerf would have been fine, but they just had to do this :unamused:. It seems they just did everything they could think of to nerf It.

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It wasn’t gutted. It’s still a serviceable dino. It’s still better than the likes of Smilonemys, Daryx, and Dcsaurs after 5 nerfs. People are just annoyed they can’t wipe out entire teams with it now. I’m not planning on dropping mine, in fact.

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That’s not the reason I’m annoyed, mine wasn’t such a monster that It could do that anyway, i wanted It to be balanced, and I’m not dropping mine either(i mean, i love Maxima anyway and it’s not like i have other things on the same level to use, not much choice here). I’m annoyed because It was unnecessarily overnerfed, and not so sneakily replaced by gemini that is basically the same thing but way better. They could have made them equal in strenght but better at different things.
It can be beaten by many cunning creatures, It needs to be almost fully boosted to be viable on raids now, It got a cooldown that may ruin the strategy on mortem, It completely lost it’s armor, etc. As far as I’m concerned, It was gutted. It may be viable If you boost It a lot, but i don’t see It as top tier anymore. It is now worse than gemini is in 2.0, and i barely see anyone in the top tiers using It.
Maxima should still be top tier, not this. If what they did wasn’t hammering i don’t know what It is.
My point is, It could have been strong and balanced, but they ruined It for the business strategy with gemini.
As for those other dinos you mentioned, well, they need a buff. Maxima being better than them doesn’t say much.


I really don’t understand the complaining on this, I really don’t.

Maxima’s only use in the raid is to tank Mortem’s Rampage and kill the Minions. That’s it. That strat hasn’t been changed in the slightest.

Y’all are acting like Maxima will no longer be able to run around with 8,000 - 9,000 health and 2,000 attack, which will still make it a monster in PvP. Especially now that it can completely escape the bleeders.

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The problem for the mortem raid isn’t the do or the health but the 2 turn countdown of defence shattering rampage.

Most of people that fight against mortem with low level dino like irritator need maxima to do enough dommage to kill mortem before it whipe out the team, and rely quite a lot into the do input of the rampage, of course it will not change much for high level team, but for people that don’t have the resources to get some Dino to lvl 27+, it may be a problem.

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Do you know that Gemini was better than Maxima before it was nerfed to the ground? Basically, we simply just came back to square one. But knowing Ludia, just give them a few months and Maxima will be buffed (or Gemini nerfed again) and the wheel will turn again…

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Yah, Maxima will now be unusable and one of the worst in her rarity…

… no

It is a clear sign of what to expect and things to come. What we need to do is just wait a few more updates and see what Maxima and Gemini will be. Each and every update both poor creatures will be nerfed to the ground until both will be useless. That’s what is going to happen as has happened to many other creatures that we players have levelled up - it’s a long list and I won’t bother to put it here. They handed us these creatures DNAs. We levelled them up. And poof… It got nasty nerfs. Loses immunity. Nerf HP. Nerf attack. Nerf moves. Took away its armor.

My bet Magna will be on the list next.

Maybe Unique is no different now than other rarities. Nothing really special about them. Just to complete your Dino deck. The end game creatures now will obviously be those in the Apex tier. Be prepared to spend real monies on the game to buy these Apex creatures DNAs real soon. And you’ll rule the Arena.