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Maxima Tryko and Gemini

With the new updates some of the hardest creatures to get are starting to feel like they aren’t worth maxing out with the massive nerfs to Maxima he is out shined by loads of creatures now and Tryko got a minor nerf in the context of Maximas and Gemini’s nerf mostly happened when full immunity was taken away. In any game there will always be a top tier or even “broken” creatures why not make the creatures that are hardest to get the ones that are the best.

gemeni is actually balanced and pretty good. she has two rampages, shield, breaks shield, decelerates. tryko is very good, just lost that exta edge which was decel medium counter, and maxima took a gutting move but like proceratomimus, she will come back over the coarse of several updates

Gemini should have its instant distraction instead of that Instant Invincibility Shield. Makes no real sense for non counter attackers to have that.

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With how difficult these three are to get (using 3 epics for Tryko, and using one event exclusive epic for Maxima and Gemini) these three should be far better than others like Tentorex which might be the best Dino in the game while not even using a epic in creating it

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I don’t think any dino should be OP, regardless of difficulty to get. But at the same time, i agree that those dinos aren’t as strong as they should. Maxima lost a lot after that overnerf, the HP buff It got was perfect but wasn’t enough, it just needs a little more, just give her 10% armor and perhaps 25% distraction resistance and she’s on a good level. Gemini i feel is fine, It is more offensive than maxima and it’s special move is incredibly good, it’s also the fastest and overall a strong balanced creature, that is in most top tier teams. Tryko is one I strongly feel needs a rework. First of all It should get 4500 HP back, 4200 isn’t enough when It’s losing against both gemini and Maxima. It’s just to frail to be reliable, and a dino like Tryko that is more fierce should be countering the 2 main resilient-fierce creatures, gemini and Maxima, with 4500 HP It can do that. Of course, an HP buff wouldn’t be for free, It should lose resilient impact for another impact move that doesn’t cleanse distraction, slowing impact is a good option, but It could even get a signature move too. Resilient impact, an impact move that cleanses distraction was never a good idea on a high damage chomper to begin with. Last of all It should have the medium resilient counter back too, as that would give It the utility it’s currently lacking. Without the ability to cleanse distraction, resilient counter on its own is definitely not OP. With those changes we could have our good bulky fun Tryko back without the broken nonsense of 2.0.


My argument is that no matter what there is going to be something that is OP why not actively make the Dino’s that are the hardest to get the ones that are OP.

Because that is bad for the game, It doesn’t make It fun. A fun game has more variety and with OP dinos It isn’t possible to have that. And i actually did a rework for Tryko and a buff for maxima there because i don’t they are as they should yet.

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When a game nerfs it’s OP things in this games case it’s Dino’s those Dino’s get dropped down a few notches allowing other Dino’s to take the top spot. Would you rather the Dino’s that are OP be ones that require epic exclusive dna or be something like tentorex that uses no epic dna

I have nothing against them being strong, but when something is way stronger than the rest the game starts resolving around creating a team solely for the purpose of countering that single dino, It gives no place for variety. I’m not saying those 3 dinos are OP, in fact, i just said in the other post that 2 of them need to change.

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Running all three on my team, Gem is 29 and missing 2 boosts; others are L30 and max boosted. Experimented with boost levels and other creatures during the shuffle but saw no compelling reason to drop them.