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Maxima users: how do you use it?

If everything goes well in the patch notes, I’m planning on adding the big green momma to my team. How do you use it to it’s full potential?

I would like to know the same thing! I’m hoping to have it on the team soon as well. I know @Ardens and @Tuco run it on their team.


Depends a lot on the rest of your team.

For me, at least while it’s still underleveled/underboosted, most of the time it’s good to lead with it and likely provide a setup for the next dino.

I’ve got thor, spyx, orion, tryko, dio, rinex, magna, and erlidom (which I’m planning to drop for Maxima).

So yeah, team members and battle style/strategy play a pretty big part for me. I usually start with it, but I also have creatures that I can swap to if the opponents opener is one not suited for ardentis to face. For instance, if they send out tryko first I’ll usually swap to something else. Then later when utarinex inevitably shows up, I bring it back out. The best scenario is if they start with spyx, spino, utarinex, dilo, or even magna. Not so good is tryko, thor, erlidom (though not impossible to defeat) or dio. It’s also not the best thing to swap to in the middle of a battle. Not impossible, but I try not to do it.

It can also on occasion be a great finisher vs thor. Especially if they’ve already used their rampage to take out your previous dino. It can be risky, but usually works.

I should hit 29 by the end of the week thanks to the event dinos. That, plus tier 7 health and damage should make it pretty formidable.

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If I have bulk in the back (Tryko/Mono) I use him as a starter. If I lack the back bulk, he’s my stopper.
I don’t like swapping into him, though. He has high HP, but no armor and the Rampage has a delay.

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I’ve had mixed results because mine is well under team level. I’ve aimed to use it as a mid-game dino to set up the creature that will end up doing a final sweep. With its HP bulk, immunity, and slowing moves, it is guaranteed it’ll get at least two hits off and slowing the opponent, either taking the opponent out or setting up an easy kill for a sweeper or revenge killer to set up and take out final Dino for the win.

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You don’t.

Thanks for the wise words. Truly very insightful.

I would love to use Gemini, but I just can’t get it to team level in order to use it. I had to heavily rely on my alliance just to unlock it.

I want to use Maxima because running 5 fast dinos spreads my speed boosts thin, and I’m a little bored of Erlidom, so I’m switching things up.

Lvl 26 without boosts matchup:
Win against Dilo, Erlikospyx, Diorajasaur, Magna.
Loses aganist: Tenontorex, Erlidominus, Tryko, Gemini, Monostegotops, Thora, Utarinex, Gripolyth.
Matchups based on dodge: Procetatomimus, Quetzorion.